Sets of mines

Wts 5 sets of mines, asp, anaconda, python and cobra’s. Open for offers

I’m interested but unfortunately no clue of their value. Does 5 sets mean that you have 5 of each?

Last year someone sold their bpo for 200mil.

These are more or less collectors and not used very much, but because the BPOs are still in game, can still be created

Only two of the four mines have bpos available. Those bpos sell for many billions these days. The mines are not used at all.

That is correct, I have 5 of each mine and selling them per set

Anacondas I already have tons of but I can offer 100m for all 20 of them? I’m more interested in the blueprints for these

Thanks for the offer but I am looking for 1b+ per set

What are you paying for the bpos



Still some available



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