WTS/WTA 5 full sets of mines

Per Set:

Start Bid: 2 bil
Increment: 250 mil
End date: April 16th, 2023 @ 7:00 PM CET
Sniper Rule: 30 minutes
Buyout: make me an offer :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2023-04-09 101657

You do know these are very common and i have about 2k of em sitting in my jita hangar

Hi Yiryi,

The Anaconda and Python are but the Asp and Cobra are rare. So perhaps you should consider selling them :slight_smile:


2b :slight_smile:

ah ok also i see Kezzy the lord of hypernet who was the one who gave me the 2k mines bidding 2b so this must be legit i assume

Hi Kezzy,
Just to be sure, are you bidding on one set or all five of them?

yeah only noticed that now. Off retracted :smiley:

Still open for bids

Last chance!

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