Pls close

(Alco II Unknown) #1

i want sell my char
he is minmatar but can fly opn most ships in eve :slight_smile:
he have over 50 skins
positive walet
positive sec stat
there is some ships and stuff in hisec stations
its me alco

price 45 bil or more
if u will offer less than 45 bil dont waste our time :wink:

WTB Cap Pilot
↓↓↓ Buying characters here ↓↓↓
WTB FAX/carrier pilot
(Alco II Unknown) #3

CFA-44 ???

(CFA-44) #4

Actually .This char is what I want!! But I just can only pay 40 billion. I don’t have that much money : (

(Alco II Unknown) #5


(CFA-44) #6

Of course,This char is what I want! 40 billion can you sell it to me??? : D

(Alco II Unknown) #7

i want quit eve so 40 bil is ok only tell me still i can transfered toon with plex?

(Alco II Unknown) #8

im ready to transfer

(CFA-44) #9

Yes, now you can transfer toon with plex, but not automatically, you need create a ticket with 1000 plex in vault…

(Alco II Unknown) #10

ok send me isk and name of account and i start transfer

(TxivYawg1) #11


(Alco II Unknown) #12

CFA-44 was first and one bil more for me make no difrent

(CFA-44) #13

40 billion confirm. account is SoloWingEVE , I’ll pay 40 billion to Alco II Unknown (use CFA-44 account)

(Alco II Unknown) #14

i wait on iskies and start transfer
we make transfer tommorow :slight_smile:

(CFA-44) #15

38B and 1000plex Ready . wait you online

(Alco II Unknown) #16

im on

(CFA-44) #17

plex trade is legal?

(Alco II Unknown) #18

i;m not sure

(CFA-44) #19

We should ask the game manager.

(Alco II Unknown) #20

ok ask :yum:

(CFA-44) #21

I have already paid 40 billion (use CFA-44 account)