confirming im for sale

Any skins on this character?

only exoplanets hunter which is a cheap one

32b is my offer then

can do it for 35b as it comes with the 4b pod

33 B :no_mouth:


Nice edit :wink:

im dont wanna go below 40b but i could be persuaded to get lower just depends on how much gets offered

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And if you agree with that, you can mail me in game.

@Yun_said send isk and eve mail to the toon with what account you it want transfering.
i will trasnfering with plex so it will take abit longer for a gm to read the ticket :slight_smile:

I will pay the transfer fee with USD ,PLEX would take a long time. I will send isk and acount after dt.

@Yun_said i wont be around then. gotta help my gf move to her studen house today so i could get it sorted later on tonight but it will be around 7PM EVE TIME

also im not sure what how you paying for the account transfer would work so iā€™d rather use plex to transfer it

isk and account name sent.

pls reply as soon as possible,if I get no message until DT today, I gonna withdraw the deal and isk by GM.

sorry ive been away without internet acces i can begin the trasnfer today OR are you wanting to withdraw?

accepted and transfer requested via support ticket

I thought you were lost, I was intending to call 911. LOL

I am waiting for transfering.