64.8m SP For Sale taking all offers 42b

I am selling my self taking all offers will give discount if you pay the transfer fee… Can fly carrier w/ T2 fighters / Nyx / 3 Dreads and Golem / Vargur / can fly Blackops Panther / Widow / Cyno 5 … lots of skins / and Geno pod in place in npc corp in jita …
42B best deal on bazaar

Per bazaar rules the Seller is required to pay the transfer fee. So asking for teh buyer to do so is nor so good. That being said you can still use plex to do a character transfer, it just requires you to put in a GM ticket with the info and teh forums post and then wait a couple days for them to get to it.

EDIT: Also your eveboard has a PW.

42B isk ready

or you can PM me in game. I’m ready to deal now

sending ingame mail

Are you online?

offer accepted from lying me

isk sent please check

isk recieved starting transfer from lying me

ticket has been submitted to transfer using plex

Thanks! Waiting for the character transfer to complete.

character received. Thank you!

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