WTS 14.5 SP Charater VNI/Proteus focus Sold

(Zara Krividus) #1


5.0 Sec
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Located In Jita
No Jump clones

(Zara Krividus) #2

B/O at 16b Edit: Getting off for the night

(Inactive Seller) #3

You must put post with the character you are selling.

Nice char

(Beekillrz) #4


(Tom Sylheb) #5

12b ISK ready

(Zara Krividus) #6

Awake and have immediate Errand to run. If no one beats your offering when I get home you have won bid.

(Zara Krividus) #7

Home now, Agree to 12b Win

(Tom Sylheb) #8

Can you post here or mail me with the correct character so 'im sure it’s your’s and for sell.

(Bladadah) #9


(Tom Sylheb) #10

ISK and account name send

(Bladadah) #11

Confirmed isk and info received. Ticket made for charater transfer

(Tom Sylheb) #12

Didn’t receive any mail from eve. will see tomorrow

(Zara Krividus) #13

(Tom Sylheb) #14

Character received, thanks !

(system) #15

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