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Plus 10 NV is a LS based PvP corp in a well stablished alliance looking for members to bolster our ranks. We are a LS mercenary and pirating corp composed of pilots with HS LS and NS PVP experience, Our pilots are US and EU based. We seek pilots that are experienced–looking for all the fun and none of the drama. We are seeking PvP pilots.

If you’re interested join the channel +10NV Pub
What we require:
• 20 mil SP minimum some exceptions considered for the right pilot (PvP focus preferred)
• TS and working mic

We offer:
• Small-gang PvP (roams, gate camps, etc.) in LS
• Small/medium combat fleets.
• Lucrative LS ISK generating level 5 missions and merc contract opportunities and easy access to null sec
• Logistical support
• Relaxed, drama-free atmosphere

you’re interested join the in game channel +10NV Pub, or open a in game convo/send an in game email to T3xasp3t3 or Alliant Okaski

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Still looking!

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It still burns when we PvP

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