Pod Killing / Local Chat

Consider allowing local chat access when pod killed, but before being woken up back at your home station. It would be nice to communicate with your killer easily.


This would be pretty great actually. Instead of auto-spawning at your new clone, create a button for it. Maybe even allow spawning at a jump clone if you are not already on cooldown.

The overview disappears but local chat and neocom remains.


Speaking with dead in local… Weird. Scary.

Some lore should be created for this be implemented.

haunting your ganker with memes? yes please.

not very lore friendly and the lore of EVE has already suffered greatly.
-1 because another feature that breaks immersion

As soon as your pod is breached you are transfered to your new clone. It is not even at the very moment of death. The pod breach is the trigger as your chances of surviving the next moments are pretty much non-existent.

Since local chat, intercoms etc is linked to your pod. a breached (broken) pod would mean that the means of communication are broken too.

Pod is breached. With that all means of communications are destroyed.
Your mind is transfered
End of Story.

Just make the comms relay a “black box” that you can connect to in your new clone. Simple lore-friendly fix.