Poll: How many people changed their perspective/position thanks to your arguments?

To clarify:

I am asking about roughly the amount of people you’ve convinced they were wrong
… here on this forum …
… causing them to actually admit that they were wrong.

Links to the respective posts …
with a timestamp predating this post
… will be appreciated with five million ISK per unique link/conversation.

The pool is two billion ISK.

No, I’m not going to pay the ISK immediately, right now, as soon as you’ve posted.
Because it’s midnight, I appreciate a peaceful morning and I on some days I have other stuff to do as well.

You will get your money, though, because people who don’t honour a ransom are assholes.****

“I was wrong” - and the likes - is not strictly required.
There must be a clear indication that the person in question understands that he was wrong.
It is also not strictly required that he understands why he was wrong.

Discussions about fittings and tactics** are excluded from the bounty.
The InterGalactic Summit, as a whole, is excluded from the bounty.

Conversations revealing that the person in question simply lacked certain information …
… with the person somehow admitting that he made a mistake based on ignorance, aka dunning-krueger …
… are excluded from the bounty.***

Despite what some might want to tell themselves …
… there are plenty of other conversations between many, many people left.

**(tactics include different ways of running missions, or gate camping, or suicide ganking, etc. Everything regarding flying around your space-ship in a manner which might give you an advantage over others. “Oh, you’re right! That’s a better approach.” and variations thereof.)

***(Reason is that the person in question did not need to be convinced of something per se. He does not lack understanding, but information. “Oh, I totally missed that one. My bad.” or variations thereof.)

****(Let’s be real … the odds of me needing to pay even just fifty million ISK are pretty damn low and that’s definitely not because of the exclusions. The vast marojity of discussions are far outside of these contextes.)

  • Zero
  • One
  • less than 5
  • less than 10
  • definitely more than 10

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I think at most I’d have only convinced one person to change their position explicitly. I am more likely to change my mind than most since I feel like I’m more likely to listen to an opposing point of view earnestly than most.

The reason I engage in these forum debates, though, isn’t really to convince another committed party of anything. That is usually futile, and that’s what I think it’s likely you’re trying to prove (but you’re a wily one so maybe not).

Anyways, just about any forum has a body of lurkers. People who read through these conversations but don’t participate in them, It’s usually for the benefit of these people that I express a view. These people are not committed to a position. Changing their mind is a thing they’re more free to do because they’ve not publicly taken a stance they might lose face for failing to defend. There are also those who may read a discussion in the future who may be swayed to your way of thinking long after the discussion is locked. I still get likes on years old posts every now and then and I don’t have too many out there compared to some.

I know this is sort of off topic, and I apologize for that. I just wouldn’t want people to stay quiet because it doesn’t seem like anyone changes their mind. I am almost certain minds are changed and that it is important to put forth solid logical arguments. I am just as certain that nearly all of these minds will be ones most of us weren’t aware of being changed by what we said.


I was fully expecting to see one of your usual humble brags and didn’t. So at least one of the things I told you to stop doing because it makes you look like a moron must have sunk in. Also I told Jenn he should post here more often. So that’s two .

Send the ISK to this character.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


On the old forums, one guy said to me something like " I didn’t know that, now that I do, I’ve changed my thinking on the subject".

My 1st thought was that he was trolling, because no one does that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. It was like a unicorn jumping through my window and biting me on the leg.


I also learn as much as can from the forums. You just have to filter a lot of BS outta it.


I find asking questions better than making statements.

Or do I? :thinking:


YOU tread a fine wire!!! :sunglasses:


What can I say I was blessed with the poise of a ballerina and the left hook of a champion.

No wait, its the left hook of a ballerina, the charm of a boxer.

Thats it.


We all add to the dog pile as best we can! :poop:

Edit; I cant wait for Scoots to see this thd!


This got me thinking… There are some good people missing from the forums. Some crass, some vulgar but they all wanted the same thig. A better game…


Yeah, it’s pretty hard to change the mind of someone who already has strong opinions. But I always figured that even if I can’t convince them, there’s the chance that I could influence others reading the debate.

To Sol
It’s rare for people to change their beliefs about something, and even rarer for them to publicly admit that they are wrong. There’s something about US culture (and probably other cultures as well) that makes us feel that admitting we were wrong would make us look stupid. Which is weird when you think about it, because the inverse is actually true. Stupidity isn’t being wrong about something -it’s being obstinate in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary.

Anyway, I was turning into a bitter vet until various things people said caused me to completely reevaluate my beliefs, attitude, and behavior. So it’s not only possible for people to admit they were wrong about something small, but to completely change their entire outlook on something. (FYI, I made a bitter vet, outrage video like a year or two before I made the white knight video).

Another example that comes to mind is when Archer changed his mind about Komi Valentine, and removed his bounty.


That was the most dangerous thread I’ve ever read. I’m glad it was anti-climatic.

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Githany’s purpose ,well most here know , I hope I have changed many people’s game play and what they can do within eve, but I think you guys have changed me more.

My thoughts on the null war has change my thoughts on ganking has changed .

My aim has changed I understand the people that play on the other side of the fence and actually like some of them, we all have asshats in our ranks but that’s life .

Not sure I’ll post any info about who I’ve changed, that’s for my mail box in game and will stay there I think.

The op can pay himself isk he changed my thinking several times :blush:


When it comes to arguing, you can be pretty sure the peeps wiill not change their mind. They would change it when something is not important, but they argue when something is important. Then really nothing works if something is really important.

For example I am the person that can argue about really unimportant stuff for me, with people for which that stuff is really important, so I dont do this, as its unimportant for me.


Back in mid 2009, I was running Thukker Mix missions for LP’s to get Thukker Shield Extenders that I could sell in the 4 main Trade Hubs. Towards the end of 2009 I noticed my standings with all other Empire Factions, except Minmatar & Thukker, were getting bad, almost to the point of not being able to travel safely in their space.

Since my goal at that time was to sell those Shield Extenders in the 4 main Trade Hubs, I needed to resolve the issue of having negative Faction Standings with Empire Factions. I posted here in the forums and asked how to get positive standings with all Empire Factions. I was told by everybody that it couldn’t be done, that players had to basically pick a side to align with, either Amarr & Caldari or Gallente & Minmatar.

Since I had negative standings with all Factions except Minmatar & Thukker, I couldn’t accept that answer. I spent 3 months searching and investigating every little bit of obscure info pertaining to Faction Standings. In early 2010, I formulated the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ and presented it to the Eve Community here in the forums.

Despite the nay-sayers skepticism, I started working ‘The Plan’ and reported my progress here in the forums. In the process of doing that, I got a lot of players to admit they were wrong about how Faction standings actually worked in the game. The ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ is currently in it’s 3rd revision due to major changes and additions to the game that have been done over time.

‘The Plan’ proved a lot of people wrong who said players couldn’t have positive standings with all Empire Factions. After that some started saying players couldn’t get above +5.00 standing with all Empire Factions, that was proved wrong as well. After that others then said players couldn’t get above +7.00 standing and once again, they were proved wrong.

Now nobody says anything like that at all. In fact a lot of people will reference ‘The Plan’ -or- post a link to it when someone asks about repairing Faction standings.

Anyway, I have plenty of ISK in-game so I don’t need what you’re offering. I saw your thread and realized that yeah, 11 years ago when I first presented ‘The Plan’ here in the forums, it was a major game changer that proved a lot of people wrong.


I think you need to change your vote , your questions and statement’s have changed my mind about some people that play Eve.


Changed their mind, eh…ok, let’s see…well, there was Balos, Salvos, that Elena that was around for a short while, and that “gonna come to fanfest and give some people a stern talking to” one (@Jonah_Gravenstein , do you remember their name?) :slight_smile:

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Actually, the only idea I ever changed my mind on was the CSM. Now I’m ok with it. (scratches head as to why though)


Dangerous? Why is that? Folks just wanted to see if he really would biomass if killed in game and how he would handle being on the csm then. It was an experiment. What, do you hate science now or something?

Kind of a bummer, that. I tracked him down but he didn’t do a lot of undocking so my plan of pointing/webbing him and dying together in a loving, purefying death hug never came to fruition. Then there were other things that needed going off and doing and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten him anyway (he’s not as bad at EvE as he would like folks to believe, he’s just a bit weird :slight_smile: )

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