Possible to join Pirate Corporation?

Hi I just joined yesterday and I was wondering after doing some missions and understanding Corporations (at least a bit I think), is there a way to join a pirate corporation such as Serpentis?

Yes, it’s possible to join corporations like that. I just don’t remember how when it comes to npc corporations. But when it comes to player corporations you can find them here on the forum under the Corporations & Alliances Recruitment Center tags. Or you can try to find them in-game through the recruitment channels.

But i can give you an option directly since i am looking after my first pirate.

Have a look there and see if you would like to join this or not.

Dunno about the NPC corp, this would mean you are a legit target in highsec for everyone.
But there’s epic arcs missions for pirate NPCs you can complete.

Ouh thanks, sounds interesting I will take a closer look this evening.

Nice I haven’t seen that yet. It looks like I will get quite some good standing with the pirates then.

Dunno about the NPC corp, this would mean you are a legit target in highsec for everyone.

That is actually something I haven’t thought about yet… Maybe I should wait a little before following that path :stuck_out_tongue:

You cannot join the NPC Pirate factions. You can do missions for them and pretend, But I’m thinking that’s not what you were envisioning.

Pirate Player corporations do exist. They are generally focused on PVP against other players in some capacity or another.

Open recruitment exists for some of these but in reality they are front groups for NullSec.

Serpentis is just NPC.

If you want to join a real pirate corporation, the application fee is 1 billion isk.

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