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The Enlightened - a 100% player faction

What is the enlightened?

The Enlightened is a player faction. Very much like the big four main alliances in the game. Amarr, Caldari, Gallente & Minmatar.
BUT! It’s 100% player driven.

Like the big four alliances we have a story/lore behind us as a foundation that makes us who we are and how we act towards others. (The faction is under development)

The story/lore is written by me with the help of the eve lore as a foundation that we will strive to follow as best as we can as we proceed to write our history as we progress. I will help you get involved in the faction story/lore as well help you out with your character development.

Does it sound loreish/ rp:ish?
Yes, kinda. Since i based this on lore & player written stories then it kind of is. There is a need for a light role play element to this to make this fiction of a faction feel more bustling and alive. And THAT is what i want. To make it feel more alive and including. But that does not make it that you as a player have to role play. But it would be a big bonus if you would play along since this makes the world more alive in this fiction of a faction.

So what is your vision of this?

I hope to make a thriving society full of life and activity. Where players act as citizens and have a daily life here with jobs to go to to get payed for their work so they can spend their well earned isk on the newest fashion trends,
pilot services, trade goods, implants & boosters. If they really got money to spend then a property or some gambling. Their isk is going towards character development whilst the corporations stands for the rest. The individual takes care of the group, the group takes care of the individual.
Meaning all the loot that you collect will got to the faction & the faction will act as a collective storage unit so that the citizens of the faction can use what they need (including you) for their operations, manufacturing & research. Everything the faction can make will go directly back to the citizens. Pilot services and special eddition stuff will be bought with the extra isk the faction might have that will also go directly back to the citizens. It’s in the factions/ groups interest that you as a player get to be at your peak when playing.
Continuation → And for those who do not got a job to go to will be supported by a welfare system to get them out of their predicament that might lead them to a criminal life.

Criminals, law and order. (Yes, we do have our own pirates to combat. You can be one of them)

In the sovereignty that we control we will have have things that are legal or illegal. So we can expect that crimes will happen. Therefore we have a need for border & police patrols to combat this.
Criminals - both petty or organised crime will be hunted down by our own police force and the law will be enforced.

Be it as in fines or items destroyed/ taken from the one who broke those rules. If the police or the border patrol can not handle their task if they go up against a syndicate or maffia that might have grown to powerful within our territory or a adjacent solar system. Maybe even established themselves a grand base of operations that they use to operate from and seek a safe haven? Then the military will move out to combat these threats.
The criminals however will have to fight the government for control & influence. They have to organise themselves eather individually or to form groups that might fight other criminal groups for control & influence so that they can grow to become a faction on their own. They have to steal, plunder, coomandeer, manufacture and research. They will only be able to use what they have accessable eather as a group or as an induvidual player that they got from their crimes.

Both sides of the law will be active with national, district and foreign politics where citizens will be able to make a difference in policies towards national, district, or foreign directions the faction will move towards.
We base our politics on representative democracy with both good and bad politicians who might do good or bad choices for the faction. Who might or not might be corrupted by the criminal or foreign elements influence.
Elections will be held every half a year with every citizen having a chance to participate in it. To vote or run a voting campaign. This in turn will form political parties with power struggles.

More vision-
I hope to create a major trade hub for this faction and businesses that supports this trade hub. This trade hub would be OPEN FOR ALL. One example would be a frighting company that are linked to this trade hub that would fright and install structures for other corporations and alliances all over the map. As well as a mercenary association & a bountyhunter association that is also linked to this trade hub that we and others would frequently employ. I hope to get all mercenaries and bountyhunters under these
two associations and maybe more to come? So it will be easy to get the services the capsuleers needs all over new eden in one singel place.

Where does this take place?
Where do you operate from?

We operate from Gallente & Minmatar Sovereignty in high/low security space. Hq lies at a high sec 0.5 “island”

Wormholes - aim to own a wh later but for now we will only roam in them when we do operations in them.

Null - The great wildlands & Vale of the silent regions. (Want to expand into these regions starting with npc null then sov null.)

The faction is playing out in a location in the region of the vale of the silent. At the time of the writing we do not own the sovereignty but aim to do so in the future since this will be our home and the heart of this faction play.

Where do we operate at?
At the map! The map is our playground. Every location on the map have it’s own unique thing to it and things you can only get there. So we operate where there is a need to operate at to get to our goal for the day.

What content do you generate for us?
No! Wrong question! It’s up to the player to generate the content since this is 100% player driven. It’s up to the players to set the bar on how and what content there will be. What missions will be given out? That will be up to the players to generate for other players. As said. 100% player driven.

So we will do all of the content that our policies at the time supports and the content that the players makes and want to do at that time as long as it does not deviate from the red thread we are following = story/lore of the faction at the present/past or from the future.
i should also mention that we are doing fw and are supporting the minmatar & gallente factions as a faction.

As a faction we are at the core of things:

Against amarr of the 4 major factions.
Supports science & logic
Not religious
For trade
Patriotic defenders
Intrigued by jove tec and space.

The rest will be adjusted through faction politics
I hope this sounds interesting to you all and that you would like to join in on this thing of mine. Hope to hear from you soon!

/Tryme Trymsson

/Ps we can mearge whole alliances/corps.
If any investors are looking to invest into something then you might look here.
Any support or donations would be helpful contribution towards building this up.

The Enlightened (Discord)


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