Experienced FC/Corp Leadership player looking to join a new Corp just starting to help build

I"m looking for something a bit different than others. I’d like to share my experience in helping to build a new corp or one that has recently started that is looking for assistance in leadership be it recruiting, officer roles and/or FCing.

I have several years experience, been playing off and on since 2003, and recently had a stint as the personnel officer/recruiter/fc for a high sec corp. Ideally looking for something that is PVP focused be it in low sec or null.


Hello Rozo,

I have recently rebooted my corp, and I’m starting over in Caldari Navy Faction warfare in low sec. I have sent you an in game mail and would love to talk to you.

My corp has been decent in the past but has been inactive for a few years till today.

If no sov region or any blocks are something that you would consider, please poke me on discord whenever.

You Are Welcome With US

Greetings Rozo,

We would like to have a chat with you and discuss your proposal. I think we can offer you what you are looking for. I am looking for someone to help build up my newbros and newbro corps.

If you are intrested in small to medium gang, hi sp pvp with some pve as well look us up: Tactical Tea Baggers [TRI] - Filling our Lipto Box - #2 by Xanath_Zing

are you interested in J space at all? if so, I would like to have a chat :slight_smile:

Hello Rozo :wave:t3:
If you are looking for something a bit different then other usual ideas and want to help out and build something from the ground up with a good chance for leadership roles and different content, then look no more. For i am building up a player faction. The Enlightened #PvE #Industrial #Mining #Trading #Faction Warfare #Mercenary work #Piracy & Crime #Policeing #Politics #Democracy #Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Bounty hunters #corp/alliance absorption
Most of my new members consists of brand new players who could need guidance after they have done the career agents. They will also be needed to be instructed on what to do in the game as far as tasks go for the corporation.

I have many options regarding of choices that a capsuleer can specialize them selves into and i want to
get a team to work together for max efficiency for the group.
I am currently setting up the ground work for the corporations/ faction and we are focusing on the high sec island for now to get our resource gathering up and running so we can become self sufficient and start manufacturing things so we can afford to lose them later in any activeties we might do. For example faction warfare.

I hope to hear from you mate.

// Tryme

Hey Rozo,
Come check us out! We are also a group of oldies who just enjoy playing EVE.
Ive provided a link with info about us and how to reach us.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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Rozo hi,
I myself have just returned to the game and am hoping to start a fresh corp and share my experience and develop my skills as a leader.

I’m looking at starting a corp in factionwarfare to start with in amarr and build a small group of players and hopefully grow it into a successful corp that could become a valued member of alliance.

At the moment it’s just me but I have plenty of charisma. I want to bring new ideas to small gang pvp I have held for many years.

My goal is to end up with a corp of 60-70 members. Spread evenly across time zones. I’d like to start with a short term goal of 5-15 players. With a focus on hit and run tactics.

My only requirement would be people are willing to learn.

I’m looking for people willing to help me build a fresh start and take a chance that we could work together to build a successful pack of space murdering raptors.

Let me know


Shade anid

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