Post your wtf of the day

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #1

wtf :joy: :goal_net:

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #2

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(Keno Skir) #3

Massive liar gets given car, uses car money to spread more lies and buy additional silly hats.

Good content…

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #4

Please post a wtf video of the day for me to watch if you guys commenting on this, I thought I do something different than playing ball games in this fest here, and yes I should avoid this forums.

Aargh this topic is already dead before it went on :congapartyparrot:

(Aaron) #5

A wtf from the other day where Prince Charles and Lewis Hamilton keep their money/business abroad in order to avoid paying taxes.

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #6

you’re way to serious mate, but it’s okay you are allowed to put whatever is wtf considering to you :point_down:

(Aaron) #7

Prince Charles is one of the leaders of this country, he is supposed to inspire us to contribute to our country. But now all I feel is bitterness about paying tax.

(Nana Skalski) #8

Herve cheese.

Its bitter, it stinks, and its quite popular in Belgium.

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #9

This is not particulairy a wtf of “the day” , but I think (yes sometimes I do) worth an amount of wtf :crossed_swords:

(Rosov Aulmais) #10

Found some WTF ingame:joy:.

Edit: Found those drones in a belt. Other stuffs are just stuffs I don’t put into hangar befor undocking.

(BalticBeast14) #11

Not a video, but WTF.

Highway in Germany right after waking up…

(Khergit Deserters) #12

Eve Rule #1 - Trust no one.
Eve Rule #2 - Don’t forget to forget your drones.

WTF of the day: How do you end up with your car on a train platform, with only two wheels on the ground? My kid and her friend were victims of this event. Probably permanently traumatized, too. They had to get off of their stuck train and Uber the rest of the way into the city. Cost US $80. :slight_smile: Driver wasn’t arrested, so seems likely that wasn’t very dronk.

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #13

@BalticBeast14 where is the wtf part, fall didn’t yet begun in germany? :partly_sunny:

(Nana Skalski) #14

(yellow parasol) #15

Not a video, or image, but Ethereum (a cryptocoin) rose a ■■■■■■■ lot in the last days (and made me money! :D).

it’s wtf, because Ethereum is a pretty stable coin and there are LOTS of it. So ■■■■■■■ many. You could buy/sell 50 in one go and barely move the price. And the price just kept going up, slowly, with people buying multiple thousands, within days, as if they were cheap. And the best part is that apparently no one really knows why it happens.

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #16

(Keno Skir) #17

Yeah man that looks really bad :wink:

(Yiole Gionglao) #18

Where’s the WTF?


Hitting birds is something that sometimes happens to airplanes. Birds getting stuck into airplanes doesn’t happens so much…

(BalticBeast14) #19

It is written on the truck, in red letters. Basicaly As###le, just in different language.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #20

I would imagine someone or ones somewhere know why it is happening…
And it’s in their interest to not share that information yet…
And when they do the price may fall…
You can short Ethereum?
I wonder what price yoy would get shorting it now, when it is so obviously going up?
Before said information is released?

Bubble Burst? IRL speculation would scare me stupid good on you dude for playing irl.

Is it scary with real not isk? How much you risk if that’s not too personal? (I wouldn’t say so it probably is)

I’ve had c.1k max in play gambling before, but I thought I knew what I was doing and only 6 other guys intentions to decode, not the whole world. Hats off hope you make a trillion and retire to the sun, as you deserve.

EDIT: would not derail if we could PM, don’t think we can BUT

I think the whole world is wtf moment at the moment so my post counts
*looks out window
(is in UK btw)