Potential returning bitter vet looking for PvP Corp


Marked as potential because it seems a lot has changed since I’ve quit potentially for the worst? I don’t know. But I’ve found some downtime in my life after a hectic few years to try and make a comeback.

What I offer

  1. Alts
  2. T2 siege and T2 triage on alts as well (Unless CCP ruined that too?)
  3. Lots of PvP experience
  4. self sustaining (not poor)
  5. Stupid video making skills
  6. I’m US TZ

I used to be the leader and primary FC for the B A S E D Ravens’ Nest lowsec eLiTe NaVySeaLs

Some of my videos
Me FCing our old Egmar dread bomb(video not from my perspective)
Klapen for CSM
Was going to put another video but apparently I’m a “new user” and can’t post more than 2 links. So CCP still hates their older player base so that hasn’t changed I see.

What I’m looking for
I’m looking for a small to mid-sized non-highsec PVP corp. I won’t have the time or dedication to FC again so I’ll just be another line dude who makes dumb videos and can give you dread or carrier numbers. I prefer the corp to be with other veteran players. The most fun I’ve had was in 15-30 man fleets (including alts).

Hey Kalla,

Sent you a hand typed message in-game! Welcome back (maybe).

We typically do mid-sized fleets as a coalition. We’re active out in Fountain and have good PvE/PvP options. Hopefully we’re what you’re after.

Is killing ratting blues during CTA not your style?
Have you grown weary of your mentally unstable alliance exec?
Are you tired of having to go 20 jumps to find someone that isn’t blue to your alliance?
If so, Dirt ‘n’ Glitter is the place for you! DnG is a PvP corporation operating in Low-security space offering content and fleets to eager PvPers at any SP range.

What We Offer

Strong US TZ presence
Regular roams - typically brawly armor comps
Dank memes, which we share with all of new eden in local
Stratops with and against other local lowsec corporations
The good word of our goddess Kesha
Did I mention dank memes?
Slack with in excess of 200 pepe emotes
What we’re looking for

Strong independent pilots looking for gudfights
Pvp-oriented corporations
Unwavering loyalty to Kesha
Ustz pilots
Join our pub channel dirtnglitter for more recruitment info or contact Mikal Vektor, Commander Sertan, or FallenDream09 in game.

apply to our website http://dirtnglitter.com/

Hey Kaiia,

I think my corp (Tuskers) could be a good fit for you. We’re a relaxed (no minimum activity levels, no CTAs, fly what you want, when you want etc.) mature solo/small gang PvP. We use out of game comms (Slack) to communicate, which makes joining fights even easier - a simple ping means when you do log on, there’s something going on.

Historically, we were a low sec pirate corp, but most of us have found more fun living in a Class 2 Wormhole with a static NS & C5 for PvP & logistics/PvE respectively. We think this wormhole offers the best mixture of logistics & PvP - the direct NS gives us plenty of opportunity for fights (at the moment we are getting about 50-80 kills per day) and the C5 gives us decent logistics.

In terms of organised gangs, in the last two weeks:

Two weekends ago, we took out a new gang - Tech3 Covert Cruisers utilising Black Ops bridges killing two carriers (http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=150891 and http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=150894).
Last weekend, we took out the same gang, this time we killed a carrier + Rorqual - http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_related&kll_id=151387
This night, we killed a Rorqual (http://killboard.the-tuskers.com/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=151911) then managed to get dropped by 4 Pandemic Legion Titans & 3 Supercapitals.

We’ve taken many more gangs since then, most of them impromptu. You can find some Battle Reports in our recruitment ad, as well as more details:

Check us out maybe?

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