Practical Limits HS - LS - NS - WH

Are there known practical limits (in general since results differ based on a number of factors) to a colony’s productivity per High Sec, LS, NS and wormholes?

For instance is 3 million isk a day per colony in HS about the 90th percentile? the 75th percentile?

Is it double that for HS? Etc?


What do you mean by “colony” and “productivity”?
I can make several billion isk sitting in Jita throwing out scam contracts into local each day. Does that count as a “colony” or “productivity”?

You’re gonna have to be a lot more specific.

Yield from planetary interactions. As defined by standard use in EvE of term “colonies” for this purpose …

Oh, well why didn’t he just say so in the OP?

There’s a lot of factors that contribute to whether or not Planetary Production is profitable. Some people just do basic P0 extraction -> P1s, which is mostly just a waste of time. Some people (who have either good standings or control over POCOs and thus have lowered taxes) can easily do some P3-P4 work and make a solid amount.

Plus there are other people who have entirely corporations full of alts that produce the entire chain which is generally more profitable than buying intermediaries off the market. So there’s still a ton of factors to consider before anyone can give a specific answer.

No there’s not Scoots. The fact you cant determine the meaning of a colony in a thread in the sub category “planetary interaction” shows you to be inadequate for this, probably a total noob.

Question is straight forward. What are the practical limits?

All the factors considered theres a maximum that can be harvested.

In fact, the basics of that is obvious if asked an easier way.

What is the maximum number of processors that can be ran on each colony for the lower yield planetary commodities. For instance HS always has Noble Metals or CS around 5-10% and felsic magma around 2%

Yields increase from HS -> WH.

This is basic stuff. But theres no obvious table of what’s out there to say in general you’ll yield 3 P1 processors on an HS. But 6 on a LS. And so on

Cute personal insult, I’ll ignore this for the sake of answering the question.

Are you asking for a theoretical maximum or a “maximum” that is harvested on a single character? Like I said, there can be a lot of factors that go into this.

Again, on a single character? Single account? Multiple alts? Etc. Please be more specific.

I’m not certain where you’re getting this number. Are you sure it’s “always” around those and not higher because they’ve been previously harvested by other individuals before you?

Yes, it is “basic” stuff, but like I said, there are a lot of factors that go into determining what you’d call “Maximum”.

Again, no there’s not.

There’s only processors processing P0 into a product line of P1s -> P4s.

What is the theoretical maximum of processors for each security sector?

If the highest planet in HS produces arbitrary number [10]xP0 processors worth of resources, that’s your maximum.

What are you getting on at?

The planetary resource value is fixed and represents a regeneration layer value.

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You post very vague and confusing questions on this forum almost every day, sometimes several times a day, and you always call people stupid for not being able to understand what it is you’re asking. He’s not wrong. Please define what a “practical limit for productivity” means and someone might be able to help you.

Also a bit of advice, if you’re seeking guidance, try not to ■■■■ on people who take their time to help you.


This isnt my first rodeo malcom I havent even posted in like a week and this question is a very OBVIOUS one.

Scoots is a known instigator. You’re a nobody. this is the first time I’ve seen you here lol.

If it’s so obvious why are you asking?

The question is obvious. The answer is not. There is no table/listing of practical limits.

The question does not need to be obfuscated by no-nothings like Scoots.

Scoots could say “I make 6 procs worth of p0s from Lavas in LS”.

That would be answering the question.

Instead he just instigates with the bs that there’s many factors.

But there’s not many factors. There is only one factor. How much P0 can be extracted. Obviously the amount differs by the security of the planet. With the less security trending upwards

Right now on the HS planets with no visible other player networks (dunno if that feature is working) I am having trouble fully buffering more than 4 procs. So it seems like a limit but its possible there’s people getting more.

Only then does it make sense to discuss the techniques to get more from what’s available.

Cant have an effective discussion without quantifiable benchmarks.

Keep in mind I am too lazy to run the most efficient setup, but I was never able to make high sec planets work for p1 production with 6 processors fed by 10 extractors. Could never keep them supplied. If I had to pin a number, I would think a HS planet could keep 4 processors going. Had no problem with low sec planets and sometimes could even go to 8 processors. All max skills. Sorry for the anecdotal info, but that is my experience.

edit: fixed words

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I’m not sure if I hit the same ceiling. I’ve been able to buffer 2 advanced procs which suggests I’m at least doing between 4-6 basic procs. I’m in the process of working to buffer between 5-6 procs. Because then you can get at least 2.5 cycles of p2 production going.

Anecdotal is all we can rely upon. CCP hasn’t released official info on this.

Thanks for your annecdote!

Oh I have to make a correction. I discovered that 4 p1 procs buffering problem was due to my noobness.

  • I discovered those problem worlds were because I duplicated my incoming connections to procs. This means you dump a cycle into the garbage I believe. Eliminating the redundant incoming seems to solve that and raised my buffers to over 4 p1 procs

average sustained practical production depends on

  • the planet repartition of resources
  • the planet truesec I guess
  • the number of persons on the planet (more person = hotspots go down faster)
  • the time limit of the cycles you accept to set.

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