Predictive Tracking - Blaster, Rail, Arty, Auto-cannon, Laser Based Weapons Mount Upgrade

Everyone knows that tracking on most turrets is junk unless you fit upgrades to better the tracking of your favorite weapon. Rigs are also added which take up critical mounts for other needed rigs.

The mounting system is the first of kind. For single mounted units the upgrade simply adds a Predictive Array to the weapon mount that calculates the most likely trajectory of the spacecraft being tracked by the weapon. The single array add-on projects a laser beam to the location where the ship will be determined to be. During firing cycles, the weapon mount constantly keeps the weapon in proper lead of the target. And increase of shots fire, shots hit of 20%.

The Predictive Array for dual type weapons is basically the same as the single mount, except during firing cycles, the outer weapon on the mount tracks the target the same as the single mount which allows rapid fire along with turning the dual mount into two, single firing, weapons. If your flying a Navy Cat and have 5 dual railguns, you now have 10 railguns. You still have five weapon buttons though.

The drawbacks are numerous though. Constant use wears out the weapon much faster requiring the use of Nano Repair during normal use. There is no overheating of the Predictive Tracking Weapon due to sensitive systems inside the mount not being to withstand the heat. The ammo is limited to T2 and some Faction Ammo. Running T1 ammo through the weapon will make it fall apart. Other drawbacks are, increased re-load times of 20 seconds for either single or dual mount system. With both weapons firing in different sequence, the loading mechanism must wait in between each cycle to load each weapon separately. The advanced tracking program sometimes glitches causing the weapons to firing way ahead of the target or way behind the target. Damage is slightly reduced, as is Optimal and Falloff but Tracking is increased by 20% for single mounts and 15% for dual mounts. The Predictive Tracking Mount is the answer for cruisers, bc, bb and dreads when confronted with fast and nimble frigates and destroyers.

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