Preparing for Combat

I pace my officers quarters staring at the holofeeds brought into Pochven by fellow Kybernauts. A smile slowly forms on my face as new information keeps coming in. I hear a soft robotic giggle and a booming deep laughter. I don’t bother to look for the source of the voices just accept their embrace. But we know what is coming…

The pacing has ended.

As I walk towards an alter I created in my quarters without the other Kybernauts noticing. The voices start chattering. “Yes yes yes… I know” I mumble as the voices have already started chattering about the things to do. But the moment I stand in front of the alter they stop suddenly.

After a momentary pause I tie a string between two posts then light a candle near the hanging string. Slowly pushing the candle towards the string a smile grows bigger across my face. I stop the candle right beneath the string waiting…

The moment the string splits and as it falls my fingers touch red paint and move to my face. Tracing the symbol of an ancient God on my forehead. I then grab the helmet of my bioadaptive suit and place it on my head. Not before applying the same symbol on the helmet. Most Kybernauts think is just a just an odd habit but little do they know.

As I step back from the alter 3 voices are unified. “Nemiza cutter of the string of fate and the one who brings death…” I quickly turn and walk out my quarters.

Softly mumbling to the conversation the three of us are having to not draw attention to myself as I walk through the corridors. I finally reach my ship hanger. As the door closes behind me the hundreds of crew members stop their movements and stare. I slowly remove my helmet and hear a booming cheer “Sabbat… Sabbat… Sabbat…” the moment they notice I am prepared for war with Nemiza’s symbol easily seen.

“Now now ladies and gentlemen we still have work to finish.” I say with a grin and walk towards my pod. The voices still chattering in my mind about what to take out into space. But the three know we shall fly…

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Steadily beats an echo in what seem to be the darkness. Calming and slow.

After a slight sudden movement the world busts into view. To most this would shock them but Sabbat has been used to this time and time again over the years.

Seeing the sight of her battle scared kikimora from the outside while in her pod always gives her a grin while floating in her pod. Her one sanctum and free place in the galaxy. Where she doesn’t fear others noticing her communicating to those most haven’t had a chance to communicate with yet. Being part of a troika isn’t something that is common for most capsuleers. But it was like she was born to be a part of a troika. But that comes from a different connection.

As she listens and responds to the soft robotic voice and the deep voice in her head she giggles to. She knows who she will be meeting between the stars and can’t contain her excitement. As the voices temper her mood she calls out to her crew. “Ladies and gentlemen is everything ready?”

A resounding “Yes Sabbat!” is heard and she promptly starts her undock.

Seeing the red space she has called her home for months and the first place she has been able to call home in years always gets her heart beat going. But the two voices remind her of something important. She snaps back to her task and steers her kikimora in the direction of the wormhole that leads into her home. A smile on her face and joy in her heart knowing what shall be coming through the wormhole and joining her on fulfilling Namiza’s tasks…

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