Presenting EVE PANDORA

Gooooooood morning!

The new PANDORA website has been deployed at and will be going through multiple tweaks and updates over the coming days, all of which will be posted the dev news section on the website and by the bot in evepandora DISCORD channels and specifically in the pandora-dev-news channel on the PANDORA discord at EVE PANDORA

This site is an entire rework of the UI and a complete overhaul of the data structure which the previous versions of PANDORA used.

Some key features of this version and the changes made are as follows

  • Campaigns: Easily traverse the campaigns listings with quick and easy access to each campaign through the available listings.
    Preview campaign details using the information icon in the campaign listings.
    Details are now much clearer and load times faster. Campaign creation has also been made much simpler through the campaigns area.

  • Missions: As with campaigns above - missions are now accessible all in one place.
    Preview mission details using the information icon in the mission listings.
    Details are now much clearer and load times faster. Mission creation has also been made much simpler through the missions area.

  • Story Arcs: A dedicated new Story Arcs area where users can create a story with a prologue detailing the background to their story arc.
    The Story Arc author is able to create missions and campaigns as chapters to their story and can decide if chapters become available after other chapters have ended or been completed or failed.
    Story Arc authors can also pre-set news entries based upon the outcomes of missions set as chapters.
    Story Arcs give the ability for a user to set out a plotline of events based upon the outcome of chapters as they unfold.

  • Projects: The new Projects section allows for users to set out a list of missions aimed at achieving a specific goal.
    For example, you may be planning to build a structure or a number of ships - here you can declare a number of supply missions until the required number of minerals and items are reached.
    Pandora tracks these items as they are supplied through missions, reporting on the current progress markers towards the project goal and listing all capsuleers who have been involved in running missions for a project.

  • Faction Warfare Suite: The Faction Warfare suite has been overhauled, and at present, is ongoing in development changes to increase speed - this section is extremely data heavy.
    Users can now add rewards for monthly achievements on the FW Suite homepage, for factions, for alliances and for corporations.
    Vieing the FW Suite will also present the user with live action updates from the warzone every 5 minutes.

  • The Moon Map project: Here you can find moon survey data for all available scanned moons.
    Full kudos to Yene Fik’r for initiating this incentive to collect data for all available moons throughout New Eden.
    Filter moon ores into grouped types for each region, constellation or individual systems.
    Upload your own surveyed moon data!

The PANDORA Discord bot has also been moved to its own independent database - a change much needed to prevent eating up website resources.

  • The bot will now report more frequently on missions as they become available, are taken and are completed or failed. It will also report more frequently on campaigns as they become available and end.
  • The bot will report on Story Arcs and Projects as they become available.


More soon as tweaks and other currently in development areas are released.


DeT Resprox / evepandora