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Implementation of a LIVE statistics suite for all four factions involved in faction warfare.

  • View live combat and plexing leaderboards for each faction and the most recent kills and losses for each side. Involved kills and killing blows can be views over the past 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. Data graph shows contested states and combat activity with linking to the most active systems
  • View activity and offensive and defensive plexing efforts from the occupying militia and their opposition in all systems - see where the action is taking place.
  • Overall warzone control statistics and control statistics for selected systems.
  • See campaigns taking place for your faction and in individual systems. Monthly faction campaigns will be added soon.
  • COMING SOON: Faction and System section news tickers indicating action and notable individuals.
  • COMING SOON: Significant Developments showing system alerts, ownership changes and more.
  • COMING SOON: Full capsuleer statistics areas showing participation and those for corporations and alliances.
  • See EvE Online Faction Wars | EVE PANDORA | EVE ONLINE
    Expect to see several campaigns launched based around current Minmatar Militia objectives!


NOTE - This area at present needs optimisation for faster load speeds

  • Full statistics area showing site usage and capsuleer participation.
  • Most active campaigns and missions
  • Agents and agency statistics
  • Participation leaderboards
  • Standings leaderboards with agents and agencies
  • See



Always the content generator for the most action packed part of this space pixel game.

It’s been a while since there’s been an update, largely due to development on this release.


  1. Complete graphical and user interface overhaul

  2. New Introduction video on home screen - see Pandora Intro - YouTube

  3. Moon Survey Results area

    • Users can upload moon survey results
    • Moon Ores can be searched by region, constellation and system
    • Search results are filterable by ore types
    • The original user submitting results becomes listed as the discovering party.
    • Moon Data area available via Resources at
  4. New changeable monthly campaigns for each faction with bonus rewards. The first of these new types - “PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES” - is already available for each faction and runs throughout August. The objective of this campaign is for each faction to close plexes offensively or defensively in systems where the system has reached a contested state of at least 75%.
    PANDORA will monitor plexes closed by those involved with a 1.5b ISK pot split between all those involved. The faction with the highest average will have 500M added to this pool. Each campaign for each faction is identical in descriptive and objectives. The Caldari version as an example can be seen here:

  5. Faster page loads - Website upgraded to 5x more powerful. Database upgraded from 20 DTU’s to 50 DTU’s


    • Creators will now be informed who has accepted their missions and if the deadline is passed.
    • DISCORD DM Broadcasts can be made from campaigns by Fleet Commanders or the creator to all those on a campaign.
    • All those involved in a campaign will be informed by the bot if they have rewards to claim if a campaign has ended.


  1. Full new user guide for each section

  2. Markets Area - Showing all item order missions and giving the user the ability to upload their own sell orders. The DISCORD bot will also handle adding these into a markets area on the evepandora discord.

  3. Faction Warfare area rework - current speed of this area is horrific :unamused:

More soon!


The market area features sounds nice. Looking forward to it.

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[v5 video sneak peek - click to view]

PANDORA V5 is in development with a release date in time for the Havoc release of November 14th.
This update includes the ability to create campaigns and missions geared around Havoc:

  • Both Guristas and the Angel Cartel will now be considered as factions in PANDORA.

  • Campaigns and missions can be created for OR against Gusristas and Angel Cartel.

A complete revamp is being made to the codebase with much fewer database calls in one persistent load without the need to loads individual pages for each click - meaning much less requests made for resources.

The user interface is being renovated with much easier access to areas through one menu on the left side, giving a holo-ui screen feel. The top navigation is now gone.

See your standings over time with each entity as you kill other capsuleers during campaigns and missions and affect your standings with them, their corporation and alliance.

The Faction Warfare suite is being rebuilt from the ground up giving fast access to the state of all Faction Warfare systems and data for all capsuleers, alliances and corporations involved - this inlcudes kills and losses, system states, significant events over time and plexing done [where a user has set this up].

As well as these updates - we will be looking at implementing campaigns and missions based upon the upcoming Vanguard for ground-based content.

A full list of implementations and changes will be given upon release.

More soon.


Good morning!

Pandora V5 was released 1st November which features a complete UI overhaul, a revamped Faction Warfare Suite and a much faster site. Some fixes to minor bugs and patches have been ongoing since, but it is now fully released.

Here are a list of Major changes:

  • Complete UI overhaul. Easier navigation and clearer layouts on campaigns and missions.

  • The site now runs on one page. Pages no longer load individually, instead navigation will take you to where you need to go. This cuts down loading times for multiple sections.

  • Multiple changes to how data is loaded which reduces database call requirements and also assists with faster load times.

One of the biggest changes for this version of PANDORA was an overhaul to the Faction Warfare Suite.

This can be accessed via the main menu OR directly at HOME | EVE PANDORA | EVE ONLINE

The Faction Warfare suite tracks kills, losses, offensive and defensive plexing for all entities involved in faction warfare. These entities being all factions, alliances, corporations and capsuleers. This also involves Angel and Gurista entities and encompasses the Havoc release.

Users can search any of these entities in the main faction Warare Suite area. Users can navigate to any entity in any area by selecting that entity as detailed in the video below. This will allow users to see which systems are seeing the most recent fighting and which entities are having a significant impact with links to active PANDORA campaigns.

Starting with November, the faction warfare suite also tracks the top combat pilots and plexers for each faction. Each month different rewards will be issued by Pandora for various achievements.
For Novemeber the reward will be 1 billion isk to the capsuleer with the most kills overall and 750 million isk for the most plexes closed in enemy held systems overall.

For a detailed look at the PANDORA FW Suite - please see the video below
PANDORA V5 - Faction Warfare Suite

Our next update coming soon will allow users to sit and watch campaigns and faction warfare areas to see kills and plexes as they happen with updates every few minutes - you will be able to see where the fighting is happening for any faction and which system is under attack or which system is being heavily contested as plexes close.

Have fun!

DeT Resprox / evepandora


With the Angel Cartel now going against the Minmatar Republic and the Amarr Empire, a week-long campaign is up and running as of downtime today to recognise those with the greatest combat prowess overall amongst the Amarr Empire, the Minmatar Republic and the Angel Cartel.

The campaign TOP OF THE PILE - ANGEL INCURSION can be found at

Likewise, the Guristas have gone to war with the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.
A similar campaign to recognise the top three capsuleers amongst these three factions is also up and running.

The campaign TOP OF THE PILE - GURISTAS INCURSION can be found at

The top three ranked capsuleers in total of these factions combined at the end of this campaign.
1st: 1 billion ISK
2nd: 750 million ISK
3rd: 500 million ISK


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I read halfway through this huge wall of text and still have no idea what pandora is or why I should care. The OP seems to be about how proud we are of versions, marketing buzzwords about forging a campaign, and we have a website.

But WTF is it? Can anyone explain concisely?

eve pandora never worked too well for me, everytime I click on a link this is what awaits me for a few minutes:


sometimes it just remains stuck there.

Is it just me? It must be as it is unusable like that