Presenting EVE PANDORA

Alexander Kardieu and Rush Alderone face off in a 1v1 3 round frigate duel this coming Saturday 23rd April YC 124 at 9pm in the Arm Your Weapons: Triple Crown.

Both of these competitors have placed #1 in three consecutive Arm Your Weapons campaigns for their factions during January, February and March and in doing so will fight to claim a bonus reward. A winning round is worth 5 points and second place is worth 3 points with a reward of 100m isk per point. A maximum 1.5b isk reward and a minimum 900m isk reward is possible.

A 1-day campaign titled Triple Crown: Killing Spree will become active on the Saturday at 00:00 and will run until midnight for all 4 factions where kills against Caldari or Gallente faction capsuleers will add a further % top-up to the reward for these two champions.

All of those fighting for the Gallente and Minmatar militias are encouraged to engage capsuleers of the Caldari militia.

All those fighting for the Caldari and Amarr militias re encouraged to engage capsuleers of the Gallente militia.

We are also issuing a 500,000 isk reward to all capsuleers involved for each involved kill to a maximum of 100m isk in accumulated isk per capsuleer. Additional rewards will be given to the top 3 fighting against the Caldari militia and the top 3 fighting for against the Gallente.

The additional bonus will be decided upon the kill/losses difference for both the Caldari and Gallente factions at midnight.

For example: 500 losses for the caldari to gallente and minmatar capsuleers and 500 losses for the gallente to caldari and amarr capsuleers is a 50/50 split which will top up the final triple crown reward for each pilot by 50% each.

All reward claims are issued once the 7 day claim deadline ends which is after the campaign end date. All standings gains and losses for kills are also applied at this time. Kills are calculated every 3 hours. Starter ship kills do not count.

Let the game begin.


DammFam Refinery

We bring you breaking news from within the past 24 hours.

A refinery belonging to Valentine Drone Design of DammFam has been reinforced in the Frarn system in the region of Heimatar.

A pirate coalition of R I O T and Pain and Compliance hit the refinery in the later hours. This follows what appears to be an organised attack on DammFam mining operations during wartime.

Ushra’Khan has joined the war on the side of their close allies DammFam.

Komi Valentine, CEO of Valentine Drone Design, tells us that diplomacy was attempted with these pirates with the offer of shares in the refinery itself - the refinery being crowdfunded - however, there has been no response from either pirate outfit.

In the hours before the refinery came out of reinforced, Komi Valentine issued the following statement:

"There is nothing so desperately monotonous as space, and i no longer wonder at the cruelty of capsuleer pirates.
They are walking all over civilians to fulfil their greedy ambitions, but we have allies and this refinery will be like a wall - they will not step over.
I assure everyone there is no need for dismay. It is my personal responsibility that the residents of this beautiful station will not lose their homes."

This is the second attack on the DammFam refinery in as many days. In the evening of the 24th of April, Ushra’Khan and DammFam coalition members had expected heavy combat in the area - fully expecting a final attack on the refinery.
The second defence took place at the 11th hour on the 25th of April. Our camera team caught footage of multiple Praxis class battleships belonging to Pain and Compliance landing on the refinery. Appearing in jubilant mood, they put on a display of fireworks as cruise missiles rained down upon the refinery.

A second Praxis class battleship belonging to R I O T landed on the refinery shortly after. It was at this point a Tornado class battleship fleet commanded by Tankbuster arrived. The DammFam Tornado fleet made multiple long range strike attempts against the Praxis fleets. However, they proved hard to break and a change of tactics was called by the DammFam fleet commander as they came under fire.

An Oneiros class Logistics vessel piloted by Kabuoto of R I O T was engaged at range whilst in close proximity of the station. In a matter of seconds, the Oneiros was destroyed, as a Tornado piloted by Ralt Gaithar of Dammfam succumbed to the overwhelming strengths of the Praxis fleets.

With the combined Pain and Compliance and R I O T Praxis fleets maintaining an unbreakable chain of defence, it was not long before the refinery lost its armour. It now sits in its final stage of reinforcement. DammFam fully expect the pirate coalition to make an assault this coming Saturday the 30th of April at 4pm.

We will be broadcasting live on the scene as the action unfolds. Komi Valentine has declared a state of emergency:

"We will start the evacuation of the civilian population immediately. Shuttles will be provided to fly people and goods to the Brutor station.
We ask capsuleer pilots in the vicinity to help complete the transport orders - they will be available as public orders and through the Pandora agency.
Hopelessness is already the anticipated defeat. Therefore, let us hope."

We have approached both R I O T and Pain and Compliance, but, as yet, have had no response.

This concludes our breaking news report. Please join us this Saturday in the lead up to 5pm. See you there.

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The Big Boss man approves!
CCP Hellmar on Twitter: “When we were making EVE back in the day, we had fantasies about something like this happening. Now I have a T-shirt!” / Twitter

Huge optimization changes coming this week as we prepare to cater for upcoming Faction Warfare changes and Story Arcs. :partying_face:


I totally read that as Pandaria, and I’m now I’m low key disappointed that this wasn’t a a vague comparison of WoW to EvE …

—Gadget was also hoping to see pandas…

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Introducing the CHAMPIONS expansion.


We have now released Part 1 of the new CHAMPIONS expansion for

CHAMPIONS are selected individuals on campaigns who others fly with to get kills alongside them. These may be Fleet Commanders or other notable individuals.

Kills and losses all count for CHAMPIONS with statistics registered against each of their involved campaigns as their fleet members kill their enemies and take losses.

Monthly rewards are also issued to the top CHAMPION during each monthly period.

More features will be added to the CHAMPIONS expansion in the coming days which will be announced on the dev news page.

Our DISCORD channels will announce the creation and ending of these campaigns and any rewards pledged by agents adding themselves as brokers to these campaigns.

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Introducing the new Automated FW campaigns - released this afternoon.


These campaigns are auto generated when an FW systems hits 90% contested.

By default, no rewards and no agents are assigned. However, those with the required setup can add themselves as an agent / broker and assign isk rewards per kill. Up to 3 agents can add themselves and agent rewards pledged will add to the overall total isk rewarded per kill to those involved.

These campaigns will end with rewards to claim if the system drops to 80% contested (defensive campaign) or is flipped (offensive campaign) and at least one agent / broker is assigned with rewards to claim.

These campaign will remove themselves if they end with no agent / broker assigned.

These campaigns will remove themselves if there is no outcome by the end date and time.

Our DISCORD channels will announce the creation and ending of these campaigns and any rewards pledged by agents adding themselves as brokers to these campaigns.


Good afternoon,

We have completed our deployment of the latest UI changes for

With a much neater user interface - the home page now contains everything you need to quickly access and create content at PANDORA.

Improvements have also been made to the overall site speeds throughout.

One major change we have also made is a total rework on Faction Warfare campaigns. Previously, the creator would generate the campaign using a points input for kills in enemy or friendly held systems.
It was felt by PANDORA and our users that combat of this type could be carried out with the normal combat campaigns.

Instead, we have replaced this with a new type of Faction Warfare campaign where the creator can declare an offensive campaign into enemy territory. This will track Victory Points for those who have newly logged in from this release.

Expect new missions and campaign content to be added in the coming days.


Nice work, you’re doing great stuff!

I’d like to participate more in Pandora stuff but the schedule isn’t allowing for much right now. Sending a quarter billion ISK which hopefully you can use to dress up some sample campaigns and promote interest.

(But feel free to use in any way you like, no strings attached.)


Amazing - thank you!

When you have some free time and would like to create your own content, come give me a shout :+1:

With this release - for anyone wishing to advertise be it with a banner on the website (as seen on the home page) or your promotional video as seen in our twitch streams, please contact me.

See this would work and more Capsuleers should find out about this.

We have Red Frog , Capsuleers trust and use that Delivery Service as a means of moviig freight.

We have & for entertainment value. (The only ones I know about)

Now just learning about what Eve Pandora has on offer.

Frostpacker pledges 2 Billion isk to your cause and please inform me where you wish for isk to be sent using ingame evemail.


Thank you that’s amazing!

Sending you an ingame mail now.

@Kezrai_Charzai i have sent your isk to evepandora the character - thanks again. I will be creating a number of campaigns later today/tomorrow with evepandora as the agent. Is there any specific type of campaign you would like to see?

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You would likely know better than I what type of Pandora campaigns generate the most interest. For the sake of FW I’d assume it’s better to set up something that draws in a larger number of potential players to participate in more aspects of FW. (As opposed to a winner-take-all ‘top kills’ type event.)

However as I said, no strings so use it whatever way you think will promote the most recognition and interest in Pandora itself. I think this sort of thing is a truly key element to making EVE an actual sandbox and kudos to you for working on it.

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Good morning Kezrai.

Confirming that your funded campaign is now up and running - GOING SOLO :slightly_smiling_face:


You all good with the isk funds sent?

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Yes all received thank you!

I will be creating a couple of campaigns using your isk later today…just need to work out which types :smiley:

Cosmic Signatures or WHS adventures might bring some new Capsuleer attention and focus towards your website.

Nothing too hard but something that sends a pilot or pilots into some Highsec entry into WHS or scans and reports on the findings with screenshots (that way it also gives you content to upload to your website)
Ship loss might be the final requirement of the campaign even as long as it can be documented that the new pilot had been there.

Thinking there are places close to the four faction starting zones. Setting a limit to 30 day or less pilot ages could also help with the difficulty settings of the campaign.

Sweet, I see some pilots already racking up kills for it. Your Pandora system is looking very nice, the interface is improved from the last time I checked it out.

I know you have various comms and websites for Pandora info. I haven’t checked but do you have an in-game public chat channel where perhaps an MOTD or something could direct players to current campaigns etc.?

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I did have the ingame channel: evepandora - but it’s completely out of date and i no longer use it - reason being that it can get to a point where missions or campaigns are being generated often by myself and others and i would be unable to keep on top of it all.

Instead, the evepandora discord bot pumps out all the latest mission and campaign info into several discord channels including the EVEPandora discord, which also has channels for website issues and ideas/suggestions etc.

The link for that discord can be found here.