Presenting EVE PANDORA

Good morning!

Pandora V5 was released 1st November which features a complete UI overhaul, a revamped Faction Warfare Suite and a much faster site. Some fixes to minor bugs and patches have been ongoing since, but it is now fully released.

Here are a list of Major changes:

  • Complete UI overhaul. Easier navigation and clearer layouts on campaigns and missions.

  • The site now runs on one page. Pages no longer load individually, instead navigation will take you to where you need to go. This cuts down loading times for multiple sections.

  • Multiple changes to how data is loaded which reduces database call requirements and also assists with faster load times.

One of the biggest changes for this version of PANDORA was an overhaul to the Faction Warfare Suite.

This can be accessed via the main menu OR directly at HOME | EVE PANDORA | EVE ONLINE

The Faction Warfare suite tracks kills, losses, offensive and defensive plexing for all entities involved in faction warfare. These entities being all factions, alliances, corporations and capsuleers. This also involves Angel and Gurista entities and encompasses the Havoc release.

Users can search any of these entities in the main faction Warare Suite area. Users can navigate to any entity in any area by selecting that entity as detailed in the video below. This will allow users to see which systems are seeing the most recent fighting and which entities are having a significant impact with links to active PANDORA campaigns.

Starting with November, the faction warfare suite also tracks the top combat pilots and plexers for each faction. Each month different rewards will be issued by Pandora for various achievements.
For Novemeber the reward will be 1 billion isk to the capsuleer with the most kills overall and 750 million isk for the most plexes closed in enemy held systems overall.

For a detailed look at the PANDORA FW Suite - please see the video below
PANDORA V5 - Faction Warfare Suite

Our next update coming soon will allow users to sit and watch campaigns and faction warfare areas to see kills and plexes as they happen with updates every few minutes - you will be able to see where the fighting is happening for any faction and which system is under attack or which system is being heavily contested as plexes close.

Have fun!

DeT Resprox / evepandora