📈 Press Release: TSCA and LCSIS Merge to Form United Standings Improvement Agency

Imiarr Timshae of The Standings Correction Agency [TSCA] and Archer en Tilavine of the Lotek Corporation Standings Improvement Service [LCSIS] are pleased to announce the completion of the merger of their respective organizations, which will now operate as the newly formed United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA].

To celebrate their grand opening, the United Standings Improvement Agency will be offering 10% off all services from now through January 15th, YC122!

To learn more or to enlist USIA’s services, join the USIA Discord server and speak with USIA Heads Archer en Tilavine or Imiarr Timshae. You can also check out the USIA Website or the USIA EVE Forums Advertisement.

USIA will be jointly owned and operated by both Mr. Timshae and Mr. En Tilavine, both of whom will personally handle all financial transactions between clients and employees. As a result of the merger, clients can expect jobs to be finished more quickly, employees can expect more jobs to be made available, and the heads of USIA can share the administrative burdens that come with running such a high-volume service.

TSCA has been led by Imiarr Timshae for over a decade, during which they’ve been the unrivaled household name in standings improvement services. There has been no shortage of positive testimonials, blog posts, and even an ISD article written about TSCA over the course of its operation. It was only within the past year that TSCA went in hibernation for a few months that Archer en Tilavine formed LCSIS to address the needs of the community, during which time it has developed a reputation and accrued several positive testimonials of its own.

It was not my intention to start a standings improvement service. I was giving advice to someone on the official EVE forums on how to improve their standings when they asked me if I’d be willing to improve their standings for them since TSCA, who they ordinarily would have gone to, had been more or less defunct at the time. I asked members of my alliance if they’d be interested in the job, and we accepted the commission using TSCA’s business model as our foundation. The rest is history.

– Archer en Tilavine

When asked what prompted the merger between TSCA and LCSIS, Mr. Timshae responded:

I was getting back into EVE when I stumbled across Archer’s advertisement for LCSIS. As the market incumbent, we’ve had several people try to compete with TSCA in the past, and they’ve gone as quickly as they’ve come; LCSIS, however, was different. Archer managed to take our model, which has been largely untouched over the past 10 years, and improved it on a point-by-point basis. On the principle that collaboration is better than competition, I reached out to him about working together instead of as rivals.

As we got to learn more about each other and the internals of each other’s business operations, we came to realize that we had quite a bit in common, from our political views and sense of humor to the spreadsheets we developed for computing client fees and payments to employees. Given how compatible our business models were, we decided to give merger a go through a third entity as co-equals instead of one group absorbing the other.

– Imiarr Timshae

The newly formed USIA combines TSCA’s experience and reputation with the innovations of LCSIS’s and the passion and dedication of their leadership. To celebrate their grand opening, the United Standings Improvement Agency will be offering 10% off all services from now through January 15th, YC122!




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Please keep this in the furry part of the forums, thanks.


But are standings even near as useful to folks as they once were?

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@Imiarr_Timshae, who has been doing this over over 10 years, can better speak to long-term trends than I can, but since I’ve started LCSIS earlier this year I can tell you that in that time frame we’ve had a steady in-flow of clients increasing over time. It suffices to say standings are relevant enough for two competing standing services to merge into one :slight_smile: .

The most common request we get is to grind standings to lower broker fees at the major tradehubs (namely Jita, obviously :muscle: ), and demand for this service spiked when CCP unexpectedly announced they were raising broker fees and sales taxes earlier this year. (I assure you, we had nothing to do with that :scream: )

The second most popular request is for us to provide permanent access to epic arcs, usually as a means to repair and improve faction standing. Some did it to further lower broker fees; others were pirates and militiamen looking forward to no longer getting shot in empire space by faction navies :crossed_swords: . A few wanted the arc for the sake of enjoying it as part of the EVE experience: something that’s slightly tougher than L4 missions and pays relatively handsomely upon completion :moneybag: .

Less common requests those wanting L4/L5 mission access for PVE’s sake; if they do, it’s usually because they want to farm LP (especially with corps having discounted LP rewards), those wanting to hit up R&D agents and the unique rewards from their LP stores, and those wanting NPC miners (diamond rats) to stop shooting them :boom: . Most players don’t know about R&D agents (ie. they farm datacores for free in your sleep) and that you can remove the kill-on-sight from your back when it comes to NPC Miners, so these are services that we are usually hired for after we inform our existing customers that they are benefits of standings improvement :chart_with_upwards_trend:.


Ah, I see.



Standings are an interesting creature in regards to business trend. All we can say for sure is that there is a demand, and so meeting that demand is logical, particularly since we’ve been doing it so long.

With offshoring, business has reduced. That’s definite. However, it isn’t the “off a cliff” as you might expect. Gaining standing to Caldari Navy of course benefits you in Jita, but it massively benefits regional traders who can use Cal Navy stations across Caldari space to region buy cheap junk and then ship it to Jita, where, no surprise, they can then resell it. Particularly with this model, most ship fitting is still done in Jita.

I think there will always be the demand for “I dock, I buy everything, I fit, I undock” market stations. The fact that so far they happen to be NPC ones is an interesting enduring fact.

That’s to say nothing of people wanting to unlock missions, all the way up to level 5, or get R&D agents, unlock epic arcs, reduce reprocessing taxes and so forth.

Archer made a lot of good points. I think the bottom line is, we’re still here, and we’re looking forwards to doing it together for the forseeable future. Thanks for the question :smiley:

P.S. To the dude above, please direct me to the furry side of these forums (OwO)


I created the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ over 10 years ago and ever since then I’ve been an active proponent for Standings Repair.

Even though I think standings repair should be a personal action performed by the capsuleer, I do see how a Standings Repair Service can be very helpful for the community. As such I wish you good luck and much success with the merger.



They are really fast and nice people. 0.0 to 5.0 standing increase in about 40 hours. Will use them again.


How much isk for perfect broker, amarr and jita?

Perfect Broker is 10.00 Faction and 10.00 Corporation, due to the reduction in gains as you get higher, 10.00 takes ages and thus is expensive.

Plus we can’t sell faction standing, but we can do perfect corporate, as above.

If you join our discord via this link, we can help you further. http://discord.unitedstandings.org/

Edit: You can refer to this graph also for exact breakdown of broker fees:


While we cannot directly improve faction standing per mechanics restrictions, we can help you improve them yourself. The best thing we can do is permanently unlock for you epic arcs, which give massive faction boosts and several hundred million in ISK + item value in rewards, repeatable every three months. By “permanently unlock”, I mean that you will not need to come to us again to unlock them a second time. If you need boosts on a non-combat char, you can have a combat char complete the missions for the non-combat char; all that matters is that the final mission, which awards the faction boost, is turned in without being in fleet. This is handy if you have a second Omega account or a friend who wants to help you out.

There are also other ways in which we can help you boost your faction standings - you are welcome to join the USIA Discord server to discuss further.


I’m in the middle of getting a standing boost.
A+ real top notch,

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