Price Check 151m SP PVP/Rorq/JF Pilot

(Spectre80) #1

Password: 112

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Correct link is without the 3 on the end?

So I think you meant:

Otherwise, Spectre803 doesn’t exist on EVE board.

As for valuation:

151.5 million SP allows 146.5 million to extract. That makes 273 injectors.

Profit on injectors is approx 400 million each.

So that makes 109 Billion from injectors, leaving a 5 million SP farming character that sell for the 4-4.5 Billion mark.

So upto about 114 Billion.

(Spectre80) #3

Yeah, sorry, it copied weird.

Say injectors didn’t exist, what’s it worth?

(Scipio Artelius) #4

Prior to injectors, you probably would have been able to get a higher price, though traders buying at that end of the market have always been good in valuing characters.

You might still be able to find someone that wants it as a character and get a better price, but SP have a pretty well defined value now, so it’s difficult to ignore the value of SP on the market when valuing a purchase.