Price Check Exhumer Pilot 28 mil sp

could i have a price check on my Miner alt please before i put him up for sale

28,340,838 skill points

are there any programs or sites that i can use to work out how much to sell him for?
any help would be appreciated

The general way of calculating is to see how much you could gain if you stripped the character of sp and sold the injectors.

So with 28 mill sp, you would first minus 5 mill since that is the minimum amount you can extract, then double the remaining sp and times by 400. Yours would be worth, at base price, around 19 bill. Add to that, the 2 bill it costs to transfer the char, and adding a little extra, around 22 to 23 would be a decent price.

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Most of my friends sell their toons somewhere like 1m sp = 1b. According to them it might take some time to sell it like that but mostly it ends up good

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thanks for the info much appreciated

thanks for the info Kate

Its almost never 1mill = 1 bill. You need to look at the skill types that are injected, as some skills cost 500 mill or 1 billion isk, and those should be included in the cost, and very very long skill queued skills are also a bonus, as well as combinations for characters that are specialized in things. But even then, its rarely ever 1:1 ratio. Usually, at best, 1 to 0.9.

Yeah that is true. But as I said, it was their and my expereince. I sold toon with les ration ony when i wanted to make it quick. But If i sell a toon with more than 20m sp I go with 1 to 1 ratio. If I don’t have an offer that suits me I just wait :slight_smile:

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