Price check 2008 PVP focussed Character 48,5M SP
No kill rights
Positive wallet balance

forgot to add 7.4mil unallocated SP

around 37bill

I would like to offer a round 40b, if you accept, I can transfer the ISK now.

Let me know.

Thank you for the offer just looking for a price check for now maybe ill sell it with the right offer

Sent you an in game mail.

wait is the 7.4mil unallocated SP in the total? if not you can get around 45b

48m allocated 7.4 unallocated total 55.9m

45b it is then. Sound like a deal?

dont sell it too fast have an auction its a nice char, if no one offers more than 45 sell it to Perpetualed, who might exctract and use it as a sp farm. Assumtion drawn from buying all char thread. :slight_smile:

I have a name :frowning:

And who said anything about extracting (or SP farming)…

Thanks for the offer and advice! currently just checking the price and based on that i might sell it :slight_smile:

Coolio, I am out for the night… low balling SP farmers can have a field day until I wake up :smiley:

I would like to offer a round 40

Hey now, you said 37 and I offered 40…

sorry i didnt see the 7mill unalocated i fixed it when i saw it :smiley:

So did I :wink:

my bad :two_hearts:

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44 billion b/out now offer good for 12 hours

new offer 45.5 billion offer good for 12 hours. Didn’t see 45b offer above whoops


46 bil