Price Check - 2008 char, 300 mil sp, 41 mil unallocated sp

I’m interested in selling, but need to price check first.

300+ million SP
41+ million unallocated

thanks for taking the time to advise on price.

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Notice: I found out this character cannot be sold until all SP are allocated.

I’ll leave the thread up to help awareness of the unallocated SP policy.

Interested provided that I can have input on where the SP gets allocated

You can sell it i think , i have seen people do it .

That can be arranged.

Depending on the buyer though, id say 270B-310B. It’s uncommon for people to be looking for this high end of a character.

And the extraction value is a little rough cause moving 600 extractors/injectors would take some time or a hefty discount.

Thanks for great information.

If you ever do think about selling, let me know.