Price Check on 2x 2009 chars, ~45M sp w/~4+M unallocated each

Interested in a price check on two toons from 2009:

One: 48M, 4.1M unallocated focused on gunnery, drones and G ships
pass: 1234

Second: 45M, 4.9M unallocated WH Miner, scanner, mid refiner, etc.
pass: 1234

75 Billion ISK for both right here

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Ty kindly for first reply! Was hoping the focus (but still playable) approach and large unallocated points per toon would bring a higher price. Any feedback on them? Thanks again.

I mean, you’ll get about 80b just from extracting him. So you could definitely get more than that… 100b for both wouldn’t be to hard to get. more if you were patient.

And it would cost over 200b to inject both of them from Scratch. (But you won’t get anywhere near that for them). But just so you know.

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TY for the reply! 100b is more what I was thinking. I’m considering trading both in for one good toon, so i need budget. :slight_smile: Or possibly selling/extracting the miner and applying to the other, etc.

Thanks again!

I’ll offer you 82.5 billion for for both.

84 bil for both

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