Price check 32mil SP

So i wanted to hear what people would suggest to sell this for?

Can fly
T3C Tengu
Carriers, Thanny, Archon. With T2 fighters.
JF, Rhea
Most battleships
Else it’s caldari trained with missles.
Good base skills
Fine scanning skills

EDIT: Not selling yet, i just want to know the price. If i get a good enough offer i will consider it. But im thinking 30b+ atleast?

Can offer you 22b for this char

Seems too low


To low imo

26.0 b

To low

Sorry. it was a correct price…
Check the other auctions!
How much do you think?

At least around 30
Ive seen people selling them for 32b+

sorry, low gunnery ,low Carrier

offer 30b

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