Gauging interest on a 43.3M SP semi rounded character

Thinking about liquidating this character to help pay for a more focused character that is being sold by a corp mate.

Attractive qualities:
All 4 races to Cruiser 5 - Can run my doctrine fits for all 4 T3C’s
Amarr Destroyer 5 - T3D 4
Gallente Battleship 5 - Marauders 4
Capital ships 3 - Caldari Dreadnought 3

Gauging interest and will consider offers

I would offer 31.5B

I’d like to get a little closer to 35b, I already did the math and if I extracted out this character I could make about 30.5b. If I did that I could at least set him up as a skill farm plus I dont have to pay the $20



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