Price Check 49mill SP Triage/Carrier/Logi Char

Wanted to get a rough idea on value.

Amarr and Caldari Carrier IV
Good Armor and Shield Skills

All cruisers V
Logi V

Quality of life and PI skills


ill give ya 30 bil for her?

I’d think you should be able to get 40b+

35b ISK and Slot Ready

35.5b rdy

37b i can do

37.5 BIL

I like where this is going, current highest bid is @Alexi_Komanov.

Happy to let this run for another 6hrs to see if there’s any other interest.

Okay im happy to accept Alexi’s offer. Please send account name and isk and I will begin transfer

Understood, will do asap

ISK and account info sent

If transfer is not started I will offer 39

39.5 bil ready

Alexi Komanov. Isk and account info received will start transfer shortly.

Transfer started 03 Dec 2017 22:35. Thanks

Confirmed, thanks.

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