Price check for 2 Rorqual Pilots, One with Galente Titan and One with Galente SuperCarrier

First one is a T2 core almost maxed out Rorqual Pilot with cap building skills with a train to be a Gallente Titan pilot (skillbook injected) with 37 mil sp + 1.8 free

The other one is a 41 mil sp T1 core Rorq Pilot with very good skills and a Nyx (Gallente Supercarrier) and very good small/medium ships and guns/missiles
He is an excellent Gilla Abyssal Runner
Had T3 gallente/caldari
And many more

Both characters have Jump Drive Calibration and Active Shield Defenses for Rorq including Invulnerability

I would like an aproximation of the value of the isk I would get from this characters before I decide if they are worth selling.

Thank you!

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