Price check. Good overall cap/subcap toon


Can fly nidh and hel with t2 light fighters. Revelation with t2 seige. Mining barges. Scanning. PI. All 4 cruisers at Lv5. T2 mining boosts. Very decent skills with drones. T3d. Interceptors. Bombers. HIC. Bubblers.

I just want to price check this toon. I’ve been thinking about selling it for a while. But haven’t made up my mind
Can someone please tell me what this toon is actually worth.


35 bil offer

40 billion

It’s a 61m SP character…

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You would get more from a very specialised character at half the SP this one has, meaning, 5/5 in Battleships of a certain faction and 5/5 in a certain weapon type + specialization.
It might also be wise promoting it as “Revelation - Hel Pilot Perfect 5/5”, just an idea.

People tend to make low offers when they see a character who is not “Complete” and have invested in stuff they don’t need.

I see that although you have 2x BS they are only trained to 4/5 and Dread also at 4/5, mining barges etc and mining-fleet support skills are also irrelevant for ppl looking into something specialised.

You ll catch a lot more if you finish those trainings.
Regards !

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