PRICE CHECK: 58.5M MAX AEON + NEAR MAX HEL With Max Revelation Skills


Want to get a price check for this toon:

FYI::::: I know the injection/extraction value… Im more interested in listening to someone who wants a focused toon, and how much they’d pay for it.

This account is Extremely focused, and the skillpoints which have ‘strayed’ are due to wanting to have fun with another ship; like a kiki, eagle, paladin etc.

She is only 2 months old or so, fully injected with a cool name - Can max fly a Aeon - Can nearly max fly a Hel. Really good Zkillboard. Is also max gunnery for Revelation.

She has a FULL Set of Shield implants + Mindlink - 4B Isk

Also has full Armor set - 3.3B isk
Uploading: ARMOR.png…

Purity - Revelation - 400M
Interstellar Aeon - 1.1B?
Youl Star Hel - 1.2B?

  • Additional:
    This account can also fly a Sabre - Paladin - Eagle and has minimum requirements for a Kiki.
    It’s an ideal main account that can “do it all” when it wants to.

Looking for a Price check on this, not in a rush atall to sell, or even think i want to - I’m just getting a view of the field.


40b bump

Just to make you aware, this is not for selling, i’m interested in a price check, nor do i think 40B is realistic.

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I can offer 45b if you want to sell.

What’s does it mean on your skill sheet when the skills greyed out with a line thorough it even though its skilled to 4 or 5.

Have you extracted these skills in the past ??

Hi, i’m unsure what you mean, i can’t see anything like this?

Closed by request of OP.