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  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • No Kill Rights
  • No Jump Clones
  • Located in Jita 4-4

Currently skill’ing to Archaeology V and then Cyno IV & V.

And I have a cool name. :skateboard:

Open to reasonable offers.

Has almost all relevant skills for scan alt Helios pilot. Bonus value for learning implant set, although it is not a Virtue set. Well rounded character that should command a price above melt for someone that is looking for such a character. Points deducted for no cyno skill (from my perspective).

OK, thank you for your assessment. So how much, you think?

UPDATE: Cyno Skill added.

I must apologize, as my intent was not to entice you into changing/adding anything to your character; my comment was based on my scan alts that are useful scouts but that I also rely on for cyno’s. The problem being that a covert ops ship can only light a covert cyno, which requires the skill trained to V. Of course for someone wanting a scan alt for wormhole space purposes, the cyno remains irrelevant.

I am personally not interested in buying a character right now, I was simply responding to your Price Check thread looking for an appraisal. If you are looking for people to make solid offers, I would suggest you change the original post to indicate it is for sale, following all the forum rules, of course. o7

And I must apologize.

I never thought that you yourself were interested in buying him. What I am asking for is an actual ISK appraisal based on what you’ve said. I still haven’t received that. That’s what I mean by Price Check.

All of your points are valid. So with that, how mush ISK is he worth?

Oh no worries. It is fairly simple to plug values into a spreadsheet to find the spread. As of today (2022/07/09 ~2100) Plex is around 3.75 million isk per. You can get more detailed in your spreadsheet if you use a split between buy/sell prices, use volues, etc, but this is very rough.

Skill extractors cost 140 plex, 630 for 5 (10% discount), 1120 for 10 (20% discount); this means it is cheaper to purchase plex from market sell orders are buy extractors in packs of 10, any single extractors can be purchased from sell orders at a (snapshot) price of 437 Million isk. Please keep in mind that professional character liquidators play on a much longer timeframe, and thus get better margins buying from buy orders/etc. Your character have 15 million extractable skillpoints (since you cannot extract below 5.5m) meaning 30 skill extractors. Cost in plex is 3360, meaning 12.6 billion in extractor costs. This is offset by buy orders for Large Skill Extractors at (currently) 760million at a volume your character can fulfull, at a value of 22.8 billion isk. A net melt value of 10.2 billion buying from sell orders and selling from buy orders. This value of course can be increased if you take longer to melt your character.

So your floor price is melt value (10.2b) plus the transfer cost of 20 real currency, that you could otherwise buy 450 plex with. We will use the same plex sell price since you can offset the 450 against the number required for extractors using this math. Thus your total floor price (again, currently) is 11,887,500,000 isk, just under 12 billion.

Your ceiling (total cost if you were trying to replicate the character from scratch) is also easy to calculate. You can presume 500 million for the full set of learning implants. Skillbooks will be left out, since they are usually only relevant on the character bazaar when dealing with expensive skills (like cap skills, titan book is 6bil for example). It takes 10 Large skill injectors to get to 5 million skillpoints, and another 40 to cover the total sp of your current character. Buying directly from sell orders (currently) at 800.6 million isk, this is a total of just over 40 billion isk to inject a fresh character. Again. a premium is paid for the short term impulse nature, but this is also the advantage of offering a very tightly trained character with few skillpoints ‘wasted’ on things a player interested does not want.

With a ceiling of above 40 billion, and a floor of around 12 billion, that should give you an idea of a price range. If I were a wealthy wormholer looking for a scan alt, it might command a price of 25-30 billion or more, for a tighter range.


This is very helpful and useful info. Thank you so much! o7


Thank you for the offer.

Looking for more.




Thank you, looking for more.

No longer for sale

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