WTS: 10.9 mil SP on his way to Rorq

Maybe you want to skill up to fly a Rorq one day. Or maybe, right now you just want to fly a prospect and drop a covert Cyno? And maybe you want to build some ships and do some invention…
The choice is yours!
(note character is in NPC corp “the Scope” as of this writing, but it’s not showing on the eveskillboard at the moment)

$8 billion or best offer!

SKills of note:
Cynosural field theory -5
Warp drive operation -5
Mining frigate -5
Advanced industry - 5
Advanced mass production - 5
Laboratory operation - 5

1 jump clone
No implants
$0isk in wallet
Located Villore NPC station
Jump clone located in Old Man Star NPC station (low sec)
No kill rights

ill offer ya 6b

would u consider 7b?

Best i could do really is 6.5

im trying to make sense of that deal but i can’t…i know 500mil not a biggie butt…
12 extractors, that’s at least 4.7 billion profit right there. (with 10k more sp)
then I gotta spend the $20 USD to transfer char… that’s equivalent to 500 plex based on EVE marketplace… which is about = 1.3 bil
so I could just keep, syiphon the skillz and keep 4.7 billion for myself. and save $20 USD. .
you’re valuing the 5 million base skill points at $500 mil isk.
i cant make sense of it. sorry man. Even at 7 billion it’s a steal.

Just a quick comment, because I tried to see if I would pay 7 bil and wouldn’t: right now the character has a lot of skillpoints but can’t really do anything. Cyno 5 but can’t fly recon. no cybernetics 5. tons of skillpoints on silly things like advanced mass production V.

TBH, in your shoes I’d strip it for injector value and call it a day. Or, spend some time training “good” things and it will add a lot more to the value than it costs. Like if he had cybernetics V and could fly a cyno falcon, I think you’d see people paying way more.

yeah but if i could fly a falcon, and had cybernetics 5, etc, etc, it wouldn’t be $7billion it be $9billion :wink:

Man above sort of read my mind. I planned on injecting stuff for that so i dont really want to pay more than 6.5. If you change your mind and will take 6.5 let me know ill take it

bumping. Original post $8 billion.

bump it up

to the top

to the top

7b offer

7B accepted!
wire the isk and eve mail the account info. will get it done

Will send in a few hours when I get home.

Isk and account info sent.

All done sir!


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Gregory Filk

Will be completed after: 9/22/2020 8:47:07 AM

Character received thank you.

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