Price check my main Character

Hi, I want to see what my character is worth, I have some skills in training with an omega subscription up until september of this year so my skills will be increased at that point with the 2x training in queue. I have around 75 ship skins on the char. Positive wallet of course

Listen mate, U have a lot of skills on T2 ships which is really good, so basically the more focused ur character is the best price u will get.
Like Magic 14, Maxed blop ( as u have marshal),
If u can unlock and focus on a marauder and a T3 cruiser it will be best as they are on high demand in character bazaar market.

Thank you, at the moment I am focusing on Deep Space and some weaponry so I can do hauling as due to time restraints I cannot keep up with Omega renewal through Plex, will definitely focus on marauders and T3 cruisers as I was preparing a skillplan for that too, thank you for suggestions.

Closed by Request of the Op.