Price Check Orca Booster + 4 Exhumer IV pilots

Price Check only, thanks for your time!

Hadozeko Gengod - 20mill SP 4 days left to train of shield command spec V with 600k unallocated SP
Arshiptur Genesis - 11mill SP 1.3mill SP unallocated
Kallarana Tama - 11mill SP 1.4mill SP unallocated
Scylla Heydielles - 12 mill SP 900k SP unallocated
Euphrania Aldik - 12 mill SP 1.2mill SP unallocated

Two of these topics aren’t needed. However since I answered your other one with extraction price, be sure to follow the rules when/if you do sell. IE. All in NPC corp, each char reply in thread they are for sale etc

ofc that’s why i used a char unassociated for the price check so no one would be confused.

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