[PC] Booster and a Fleet Exhumers. Read inside

Hi. For personal reasons, i need to do an accurate price check of some characters i own.

First is this Booster / JF / orca/ refiner / with titan Avatar Injected

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/samarkanda She is not for sale.


She is one of a Eight pack of exhumers i plan ** to sell at end of month **. The eight are IDENTICAL, 6.4b, with exhumers level 4. I am not sure but think minimal fair price is 5.5 each.

Questions :

  1. What price can i get for the pack of eight to same buyer?
    2 ) Price PC of the booster with titan ?
    3 ) is fair make a deal with Eightexhumers + some Isk for the Booster ?


for samarkanda, you can expect offers somewhere between extraction value to 1bil ISK per 1mil SP, maybe up to 50bil because nice and pretty well focused skill set.

And prob 5-7b for the others. Group discount prices would be totally up to you…

Thanks for the answer.

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