WTS 25,75m SP Exhumer/Ratting/LV4/Science/PI/Scanning & 16.7m SP Orca Max boost+Mindlink/miner pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Aedrha_Asgard <-- Exhumer/Amarr-Laser-ArmorTank/PI/Scanning & More

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/neven_ibrakov <-- Orca Max boost/miner

Starting Bid for Aedrha: Minimum 20B – 25B B/o

Starting bid for Neven: Minimum 13B – 18B B/o

(Both located in Sieh, low-sec.)

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15 bil for the 25 mil sp. After you post with the character to confirm

Here it is, but won’t go so low.

Luck then

Daily bump.

9 bil bid for Neven

That’s to low, worth 27B in Extraction, 14B if you buy injectors with isk.

Daily Bump

I have already bought a character so I have no dog in this fight but I would check your math on that.

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