Wts 20m sp orca pilot

Industiral Command Ships V
Mining Barge V
Exhumers V

No jc, no wallet balance, no kill rights
nul sec location, but can bring him to Jita
2 bonus remaps

Hunting for 25b for the pilot or close to that

11 B offer

That is obscenely low offer

Actually, slightly better than extraction offer

sorry such low offers not to be considered

bump! looking for decent offers



up! offers please

going rate would be 800k to 1mil sp.

I would base it around 16bil.

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what is your math? To grow such character you would spend 45+ injectors, that is more than 40bil. I sell it just for 25b, that is good price, isnt it?

20 bil if you get him ti Jita

37.5 injectors at 400k each. But injector price alone doesnt go into the price of a char. Im only counting after a char has 5m sp

How many SP’s is he from a Minokawa?

Good evening:

I’m curious, is this toon still available? It looks like you have extracted it, but I’m mildly interested even at 5.7m SP.

EDIT: don’t biomass that 7.xx Ishukone standing. You worked hard for it…lets talk.


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