WTS 72 ml sp pilot


Please notice that 3 m sp are unallocated!

Sec.status 0
Kill rights: no
Assets: none
Wallet: 0

Ready to fly Orca

Open for the offers.

58B offer

Could you do 65b ?

not currently, 59.75 is the highest I can go atm.

63? I don’t want to undersell him

I’d wait for more offers, since I wasn’t lying on 59.75 being the highest I can currently go. That’s just my wallet limit atm, you may get some better offers if you wait

you making a bid according to injector and extractor price?

My initial bid was based on just under my estimates. My max offer currently is over my estimates on what the margin is.

Edit: Though I will say, my estimates may not be up to date on current market prices. Dealing with PC issues so haven’t logged in for prices since yesterday

let me make some calculations

If I calculate all correctly, your bid makes sense. I accept the offer of 59.75 bil. Please proceed with sending isk and info.

Sorry for the delay, as stated I’ve been having PC issues and only just got back to the forums to see the reply. Isk and account name have been sent from the character ‘Vandermark’ in game.

I know there was quite a delay, so let me know when you start transfer please.