Price check please 97.7m SP Rorq Pilot/ Jump Freighter 5

Rorq pilot; training Minokawa
Main implant group HG Crystals 1-6 SM-705, SE-805 SP-905 Mining foreman mindlink
secondary Genulutions 1-4 EO-605 SM-705 SE-805 SP-905 Mining foreman mindlink
Tertiary (active) +5 1-5 BX-802 Mining foreman mindlink
quaternary +5 1-5
Next remap 09-13-2017
Rorqual skins: Blood Raider Industrial Livery, Gallente Industrial Livery, Nocx Rush
Porpoise Amarr Industrial Livery
Astral Mining standings 8.17


skill extractor/injector matrix alone has 92 million ish points for extraction,
with the profit ratio as of todays rate being about 790m-366m= 424m

184 skill injectors = 78b alone.

That doesn’t take into account the expensive implants or skins, so I would have to say wayyyyyyy too low. but thanks for the reply