FOR SALE: 6.5 Year Old 18m Skill Point Rorqual Pilot ~ BONO ONE

6.5 Year old Rorqual Pilot

18 Million Skill Points

Positive Security Status (0.1)
Positive Wallet
No assets
No kill rights
Clean long employment history only ever in School of Applied Knowledge
Currently (and has always been) in NPC as required for sale.
Clean Killboard / Combat Log - No losses - no kills
Navigation + Warp Drive L5 31

Rorqual / plus Orca (+ Porpoise).

Can solo L3 missions and run events with Naga, Tornado, Talos, Oracle & Drake / Drake Navy Issue with good missiles including auto-targeting for those AFK skin drop events from The Agency.

  • Bowhead Ore Industrial. + All Industrials

  • Charon, Obelisk, Providence, Fenrir (All Freighters for your big hauling needs)

  • All Battleships (Including Triglavian Leshak)

  • (NEW) All Tactical Destroyers (Jackdaw, Svipul, Confessor, Hecate)

  • (NEW) All Triglavian Ships

Jump Clones;

1} Amsen (1.0) - No Implants
2} Jita 4-4 (0.9) Full Set of Basic Implants
3) Balle (0.5) No Implants

I have a full set of IMPROVED L5 Implants and I am docked at Jita 4/4.

Remap available NOW
+2 Bonus Remaps

177,237 Unallocated Skill Points

Nice Scientist - Can always run 10 BPO research jobs at a time.


I will pay the CCP Transfer fee directly (not by using PLEX) so you will get me faster.

You can have this toon today.

22b or best offer

Very good Rorqual pilot, that can not sit in Rorqual :smiley:

Why would you say that? This is a Rorqual pilot.

Reported as spam.

Because this pilot doesn’t have the skills injected to even sit in it. you are missing Capitals ships, Capital Industrial Ships, Advanced Spaceship Command V, all of the drone skills to make a Rorq useful, any useful tank skills, skills for the panic mod, targeting skills, jump drive calibration to let your rorq move more than 10 meters with the jump drive. So, you are missing even the basic skills to call it a rorq pilot and it’s blatant misleading and false advertisement.

Edit: Now that you have injected Advanced Spaceship Command 5 and capital ships 2, you at least have that. But still.

lol, he wasnt spamming, your pilot just cant fly rorq.

edit: now he can use rorq.

He’s used injectors in the 15 hours that the skillboard hadn’t updated. So he actually has Capital Industrial Ships 1 now, so I mean, technically it CAN sit in it now… You don’t go from 15.6 to 16.8M SP in less than a day without injectors

For another reference: Old , New

I’ll offer you the wonderful price of 9.5B for this character @Bono_One

I have been able to fly a Rorqual for some time now. Want to make a bid or buy? Otherwise â– â– â– â–  off.

No actually I did not use skill injectors. It would seem you are looking at a delayed 3rd party website.

Thank you for your offer of 9.5b. No thank you.


The delay was 15 hours, on the exact link you just reposted. You even state in the original post, saved here in case you edit it That the character has 15.7M SP as of an hour ago, and the title lists 16.8. So if you mean that less than 24 hours is a while, then yes you have been able to fly a rorqual for a while. There’s a reason I included the address bar in my images of the skills, to prove it was the same page, and the other image shows that there was only a 15 hour delay, 15 hours at max normal training speed is only 40.5k SP. Meaning there’s a discrepancy of ~1M SP in the last 15 hours.

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Wow, that’s amazing. YOU are the exact type of EVE player I have been looking for for years. People good with math.

All of these off topic posts are being reported and will be removed.

Feel free to post a real offer.


with the correct skillboard, you have drone 4, mining drone 1, no drone support skills, cant use capital cap/shield boost mods, cant use invul mod, indy core skill 2, ship skill 1.

yea you are right, he is a rorq pilot

and you are looking for 25 bil.
you know what, im gonna bid 9.6 bil for this shitty rorq toon.



Will pass on your offer but thank you. You are correct the skills you mention would be helpful and they have been added. It’s a 6.5 year old toon that can pilot more than a Rorqual alone - but for the added value it is probably a good idea to add some Rorqual added value skills.

Here’s is some good reading for you as well:

Price is dropped to 20b or best offer.


12 bill b/o offer available for 2 hours.

Sorry for all other people who read my poor posts.

i was riddikulouss’ highsec alt. the character “riddikulouss” is already sold so im not speaking for the character “riddikulouss” but for myself.

the purpose of language is communication, in other words, to convey meanings. and the purpose of grammar is standardization, in other words, to make communication clearly and easily.

it seems like you could understand what i wrote that was not strictly following the grammar, so why would i want to make your life easier? given that you called other people spamming, called me to xxxx off, covertly injected yourself into a rorq sitter (you just couldnt sit in a rorq before injection) and tried to deny it.

since you gave me a wonderful link to study language, i might also have some good reading for you.

and you still looking for 20bil (dropped from 25bil). maybe the following link works more for you?

by the way, the skill i mentioned is not just helpful, they are basically a must for a rorq to be effective. at least drone V and T1 core (you already have) is a must.

im so confused.

for the added value (if you wish to call it that way) to a rorq pilot, your character can sit in a lot of subcap perfectly (LV5 ship skills) but missing almost all weapon and core skills. i dont understand how a subcap without weapons can run missions/event and be a jita ganker?

you dont even have the weapon skills injected for those ships except for a few missile skills.

maybe you mean your character’s potentiality?

Just an FYI, I only update characters once a day automatically, outside of that there is a nice green Refresh button underneath the character portrait that can trigger a manual update every 60 minutes by anyone visiting the page.

Yeah, I used the refresh button for it :slight_smile: I’ve kind of figured most of what you do in practical terms, just not specifics. So it was easy to see that between the last time it had updated and the time I pressed the refresh button that there shouldn’t have been such a discrepancy.

It is possible that the token was expired. I believe it asked me to enter a new one. It might have been a few years since the skillboard had been updated. It looks current now.

Thanks for the help.


What is the current bid?