WTS 12.5 Mil SP Rorqual Pilot (SOLD)

Hi All,

Wanting to sell my Rorqual Pilot 12,470,224 Skill points at the time of posting.

Please check skillboard

Wallet possitive
No kill rights
No Jump Clones
No standings

Mining Director 4
A current set of +3s
Currently training JDC and Jump Fuel conservation 1-4 (14 days to complete)
Located in Jita - Trade Station (Docked)

Starting bid 8 Bil
BO 12 bil
(BO offers considered)

7b offer

8 bil, can transfer ISK tonight

Sorry for slow reply busy weekends, still interested in rorq pilot? 9 bil and will mark as sold?

Hi Would you mind enable the XML export of your character in eveskillboard? Just want to check some fit of rorqual.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Boer_Breau XML enabled

In-game mail offer, char sold.

Thanks all

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