PRICE CHECK | WTS 2x | 9.6m sp + 3.45m unallocated sp | -- | 9.3m sp |

(Feest Hoed) #1


Feest Hoed has 3.45m in unallocated sp.

Pass: aa
Abathur Tsero
Feest Hoed

Looking for any reasonable offers.

(Abathur Tsero) #2

i am for zi sale ya

(Feest Hoed) #3

bumpi di bump

(Nerdz Rool) #4

You are missing information required to sell as stated by the Character Bazaar rules.

(Alexander Helugo) #5

5b feest

(Gary Bell) #6

11 bil for both?

(Global Positioning System) #7

6b for

(Bill Fisher) #8

6.5b for feest

(system) #9

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