Price of Plex - Market intervention Required from CCP

Then we’d see that in the money supply data…or you think CCP is lying and their monthly economic reports are nothing but a tissue pack of lies.

What? Do you always want to have your cake and eat it too? If higher PLEX prices means more people buying PLEX to sell in game…but it is harder to buy PLEX in game so people are substituting to subscriptions…who is buying up all these PLEX?

You mean like who plays their game? They cannot control their customers, and with no customers no amount of manipulation of the PLEX market is going to save them. You’ve built up this completely incoherent and contradictory fantasy.

You are a little authoritarian aren’t you? So what if someone wants to build a $10,000 gaming rig? What is it to you? It isn’t your money. Just because you wouldn’t spend $10,000 in that particular way does not make what he did wrong, bad, or stupid.

So we are to try and change the world…via a video game, is that what you are saying? That guy building that $10,000 rig may have done more for people in developing countries than you did. In a global economy just because he may have bought those parts locally doesn’t mean they were produced locally. They were likely produced all over the world when you think of all the raw materials, the shipping, the global supply chains, etc.

You know the best way to help people in developing countries? Free trade and open borders. Free trade allows developing countries to find markets for the raw materials they tend to produce and also allows for importing cheaper finished goods. Open borders allows people to move to where they will be most productive. The mid point estimate of allowing open borders world wide is a doubling of world GDP (okay a bit more, about 107%). That would wipe out extreme poverty around the globe. Liberalizing economies is the best way to improve the economic situations for a very large number of people.

But nope…lets do it via a…video game. :neutral_face:


And recall that case of grinding 10 hours a month to get your PLEX…you selfish jerk. Why are you grinding and not out there helping poor people?

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If only that were true. In most cases because the politicians, like all politicians are greedy, all that happens is the country gets massively polluted, the politicians and the companies get rich and the poor get to live in worse conditions with shorter life spans.

It is the opposite. We don’t have free trade or open borders because of politicians.

I had a longer post…but I guess I’ll just say…

If “saving the planet” requires that we keep people in extreme poverty well then I don’t think I want too.

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In light of the player base dropping, so should the price ccp charges for plex. We need player numbers injectors.

As they are used to retain Omega status by some, the price of 500 PLEX should remain above the cost of a sub, otherwise there would be no point in paying by subscription.

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