【Price update!】 4T Sell(Or use apocalypse imperial to exchange) collection of a full set of Sansha

The ongoing deal has been extended but remains in effect.
In order to comply with the transaction agreement, we will temporarily not accept new offers within 2 months.


I’m both exhausted and relieved to have made it to the end of this thread. If you do decide to sell anything separately I am interested in the rev.

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ok if i have a plan to sell separately i will state that in the post
Thank you for your attention

flight safety

Thank you for the reply. And gl with the sale regardless. o7

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Re-accept the offer

2 Trillion offer.

You are a scammer !!

IFED member trying to call people scammer while having scammed a keepstar fund your test membership supers and a ton of merc contracts scammed xd

Someone sounds bitter :joy::joy::joy:

happy you wont even try to fight it anymore since you know im telling the truth.

daily update~