Primordial Gray -- Recruitment is open for sov null miners, industrialists, and more

What We Offer

Primordial Gray is a corporation in sov null sec in the Providence region. We’re seeking miners, industrialists, ratters, and pvp folks. Whether you’re PVE or PVP you can find plenty of opportunity and content in our area in null.

We’re open to all skill levels and areas of interest. If you’ve been in high-sec and have always wanted to try null-sec, come check us out. You’ll love the richer resources, experiences and things that you can only do in sov null-sec.

Primordial Gray is in a great alliance and coalition which means you’ll have access to many systems, stations, 24 hour comms and resources. You’re not limited to a small pocket, the entire region is blue and open for whatever activities you prefer to pursue.

  • Rats? We’ve got them! Lots and lots of them. Come get some.
  • Rocks? We’ve got those too. Really good big ones. And we actually like miners.
  • Industrial? All the structures an industrialist needs to make stuff that industrialists make.
  • Targets? Yes indeed. Pew pew.
  • Drama? Sorry, we’re all out. We’re a drama-free zone.

We don’t have mandatory ops and we don’t micro-manage our members. Your EVE time is your own to enjoy as you see fit. We think you’ll find us easy going and friendly. The same goes for our alliance. Everyone is friendly and approachable and willing to help.

Head on over to our Recruitment Page for more information.

Or contact Kyzaadrao Nicht via eve-mail, or on Discord: Kyz#5510

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