Primus Societas - LF New Members

Welcome Pilot,

We’re an industrially centered corporation. It is our aim to build up our abilities to take full advantage of the opertunities New Eden has to offer. For that to work we need members such as yourself.

We engage in the following activities both individualy and as a corporation.

For gathering various minerals required to build stuff as well as trade.

Mission Running
These generate loot and salvage we can use to build rigs, fit ships with meta stuff as well as minerals from scrapping and obviously trade.

A popular activity amongst our members to generate wealth quickly as well as provide some manufacturing opertunities.

Data/Relic Sites
A less localized alternative activity generating various materials involved with manufacturing. In the persuit of these sites gas sites are also found and huffed out.

Other Activities
Our members are free to engage in other activties as well. Think of things such as organising of PvP roams, Incursions, running DED sites, etc.

Who We Want
Due to the nature of our activities and our presence in highsec we’re well suited for new or returning players looking to get into the game. We offer them guidance and training. Ofcourse older players interested in joining are welcome also.

We require the following from our members.

  • Teamplayer
  • Active
  • Discord/Mic.
  • No Drama

For questions please PM Aldeskwatso ingame.

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I should probably tell you guys that … yes you guessed it … we still looking for new members.

Members, still excepting them. Please consider us.

Hello there. I will take this oppertunity to let you know we are still accepting new members.

Alright so 5 days already… well been busy I guess. But we’re slowly growing and wanting to continue doing so. Newbros, old crusties, welcome.

Again 5 days. Busy busy. But yes, if you are miner, we probably want you to join.

Good day lads. We need people with a mind for industry. Don’t be shy and come 'n apply.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all around and inbetween… We still welcome new players. Have a nice day.

Apparenlty it’s spring now on the northern hemisphere. I’d like to use this as an oppertunity to let you know we are recruiting new people for our corporation. Spring = Join a corporation, why not ours?

I’ll bounce this thing up then. Looking for new members.

If you mine, run missions or combat sites, or probe down some holes for money. There probably a place for you with us.

Thought I’ll dust off this topic here and let you good people know we’re open to new members.

Looking for new members. New and old alike.

Also looking for new members to join our cause today.

New members please.

US and EU timezones or those who overlap with them.

Start-up corp. Tons of stuff to do guys.

I’d say I’d bump this up but there’s no audio. So I’ve written this down in this post here as a means to do the same. Yes, so US and EU timezone people. A little ambitious. But overall for shits and giggles. Though, we gotta have a sense of progression right?

Anyway, join if this tickles you funny. If not… well… I don’t want to play with you!

Can you make it?

Well, we’ll see.

Firing up this ol’ thread here.

Look for EU/US timezone players, mostly.