Primus Societas - LF New Members

I’m interested, just getting back into eve from a 7 year break. Looks like I missed a lot.


Since we mine some here and there, could this be considered minerbumping in a way…

Cheers o/

Last one 3 days ago?!

Time’s flying by.

But, joins please :grin:

Looking for members… :muscle:

Yep, its sunday. Everybody hates HR, but they can get you this lovely gig.

Alphas can join to.

Not all at once please.

Pilots wanted!

So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region tired of kicking the can to then kick it back.?

Nope, not a for a good while. Back in Gallente space for the time. Unless you willing to move.

Alpha are also welcome. With being new player friendly and all.

We’ll help you advance. If you want ofcourse.

Back from vacation! So firing this puppy back up.

Anyway, you know the drill.

If you interested let me know.

If you’re of an industrial persuasion please come join us.

If you are still recruiting I’m looking to move to a new corp. Mine has gone dormant. Indy focused in HS or LS.

Dusting off the ol’ recruitment forum post :grin:

And one more. Also, we’re working on a recipe for special cookies for new members… so many flavours though…

Olive, Ginger and Garlic… meh.

Pilots be welcome to join.

Joining is a possible.